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Ignite New Muscle Gains & Strip Away Unwanted Fat Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible With This One Of A Kind Training Program!

I’ve developed a workout system specifically designed to accelerate muscle development and increase definition…and do it more quickly than you ever thought possible… assuming you are willing to put in the work.

After thousands of workouts and training experiments, I’ve put together a workout system utilizing an integrated muscle building approach that will allow you to maximize your results and give you…

  • Maximum Muscle Development In Minimum Time
  • Razor Sharp Definition
  • Performance That Matches Your Improved Appearance
  • A Joint Friendly Muscle Building Experience

All while Training Anywhere, Anytime and at Any Intensity!

With this workout system any motivated person willing to commit the time and energy can finally have a strong, powerful and lean body they can get excited about.

And you won’t be sacrificing quality training and feeling athletic to gain that additional muscle definition…the entire Muscle Maximizer training approach integrates performance training and metabolic training with ‘growth’ training into an efficient 5 day system that will give you the body you want.

Where The Muscle Maximizer Approach Was Born…

You may know me as the ‘Band Man’ but I know what it is feels like to lift weights workout after workout in the quest to get bigger and stronger.


During my 20’s and early 30’s, weighing in at a skinny 160lbs, I pounded the iron. For a period of time it was twice a day doing double split routines. More was better. My goal was to get ripped and strong. I did get stronger and bigger…but this approach wasn’t helping me get lean no matter how clean I was eating or how closely I was following the recommendations from the stacks of muscle magazines I was reading.

And honestly I was getting bulky rather than muscular, plus my athleticism and quality of movement was disappearing.

I was stiff and sore. I could no longer move like an athlete during pick-up games. My joints ached constantly after heavy workouts.

For as strong as I was, I felt really out of shape…

So I made a shift in my training.

Instead of always lifting heavy and doing the same exercises in the same plane of motion on the same days, I started changing it up.

  • Instead of bench pressing twice a week, I went to body weight pushups and horizontal pushing.
  • Instead of all of my pulling being the same direction I added in rotational single arm pulling.
  • My leg training switched to squatting one day and single leg power training the next time.
  • Shoulders went to off-set loading in multiple weight bearing positions, which brought in all kinds of other muscles.
  • As for abs…. they were hit every day as part of training other muscle groups.
  • And cardio went from boring, slow, steady-state to sprinting high-intensity chaos cardio.

The bottom line is I started integrating variety into all of my workouts and stopped believing in one tool or exercise. I saw some improvements – but it wasn’t until I started training with bands did I know I ‘cracked the code.’

See, the use of free weights is dictated by gravity, but with bands I found that I could start changing the base of support, direction of movement, rep speed and about any other training variable you could imagine.

And I learned that muscles are DUMB.

They had no idea if I was using a barbell, dumbbell or band. They just knew that I was asking more of them than ever before and they had to ADAPT…FAST.

Once I learned this my body started taking off. For the First time Abs started popping, mid back started ripping up, shoulders became well defined and hips, hamstrings and thighs started showing great



8 Weeks Later


No question I was onto something few if any were doing. At least that was what I was seeing in the gym. People would constantly ask me about my training approach but few could break out of the single plane weight lifting, machine based crunches at the end of a workout mindset. They would just stay frustrated.


Flash forward to the present. I still train that way and I still am feeling pretty good about how my 50 plus year old body looks.

So it is time to share my Muscle Maximizing secrets in hopes that others like yourself will be willing to put down the dumbbell and pick up a band to see if you can create, enhance, begin or recreate your body’s muscle definition and development. I know for many, especially the heavy weight lifters like I was, it can be scary to switch.

But if you’ve been lifting for years, I suspect your joints could use a break and the change will spark some rapid progress.

It did for me.

I've Included Everything You Need To Finally Gain Muscle & Improve Definition At The Same Time …In Just 28 Days!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get…


The Five Day Muscle Maximizer Split Routine

4 weeks of brand new, never before released Muscle Maximizer Workouts that will ignite muscle growth, enhance your strength, performance and improve your definition.

Your 28 Day Muscle Maximizer Training Program includes:

  • 5 Different Muscle Maximizer Workout Designs complete with progressions and regressions so that you can start and progress at the right pace for you:
    Chest & Back
    Shoulders and Arms
    Muscle Mixer
    Sprint Cardio
  • The Muscle Maximizer Training Schedule that will maximize your results by giving you the right training sequence to maximize gains. You’ll give each muscle group and movement pattern the precise amount of stimulus it needs while allowing for growth producing recovery. Plus – with this unique training schedule you’ll keep your metabolism revved and maximize your fat burning right along with your muscle gain.
  • 5 Workout Introductory videos that will provide you ways to modify and change up intensity on the fly as well as how to blend free weight resistance with elastic resistance.
  • 3 Unique Activation Warm-ups specific to the workout you are about to perform. These workout specific 5 minute activation workouts will get your body optimally ready to crank a great workout.
  • Pre-workout Flexibility Videos which are a staple for all RBT 28 Day workouts.
  • Over 50 Muscle Maximizer Exercises Instructional Video that will guarantee you know exactly how to perform every movement for maximum results. These videos are like having a private one-on-one training session with me — at a fraction of the fee it would cost. If you’re using this program yourself, these videos will be like me being your personal coach. If you’re taking your clients through the Muscle Maximizer Workout, this exercise library coupled with the Muscle Maximizer program will allow you to bring something new and exciting to your clients and know that you’re coaching it with maximum precision to deliver great results.

As you can see that is a power packed Muscle Maximizer Program.

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My guarantee to you is simple:

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the Muscle Maximizer Workout System at any time in the next 60 days and it doesn’t live up to everything that I’ve promised you here, all you have to do is tell me so and I’ll immediately return every penny you paid.

You Can Quickly Develop Muscle And Improve Definition At The Same Time...And You Can Do It In Just 28 Days Guaranteed By Starting The RBT Muscle Maximizer Workout System Today…

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Dave Schmitz

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