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After training 1000’s of moms over the years, I think I have figured out where you are going to have the most success with Resistance Band Training (RBT). Moms do best with attached band training and implementing 13” Dynamic Stabilizer Training.

10 Guaranteed Butt Activation Exercises

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It is no surprise the butt is often called “The Big House” when it comes to talking about muscle function. Resistance bands are the best way to get your butt muscles activated and stronger. Here are 10 band exercises that activate and strengthen your butt.

Core band

19 Olympic Leg – Core Band Exercises

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Winter Olympic athletes require tremendous lower body and core strength. Most winter Olympic athletes do not have access to training facilities. Fortunately, RBT can provide the needed resistance and adaptability to handle any movement or force vector needed.

Core Towel Workout

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A towel is one of the best band accessories when it comes to training upper body strength and core stabilization. In this video Dave walks you through the Core Towel Workout.

band resistance

When to Change Band Resistance

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Similar to training with weights, it is important to know your training goals when choosing your band resistance. Fortunately with RBT, each band provides a 40 lb resistance variability as long as the starting resistance is placed at the optimal level.

RBT Band Training

Band Training Does Not Discriminate

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Resistance band training is a training tool and system that does not discriminate. RBT is a training approach that creates a unique training effect that everyone, no matter who you are or where your training level is, needs to be using regularly. No matter what your motivation is behind following a routine exercise program, RBT can and should be a part of that program. Learn why…


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