Shoulder Press Workout

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shoulder press workout

About the Shoulder Press Workout

Set up correctly, a pillar shoulder press workout is an awesome shoulder strength training workout

Not only is it shoulder joint friendly, but the shoulder press workout also creates ab stabilization and scapular stabilization at the same time. Both scapular and abdominal stabilization are often weak links in the overhead pressing movement. This leads to the shoulder, specifically the rotator cuff, becoming overused or injured.

Training overhead pressing in a plank position, automatically forces the scapula and abs to stabilize. Band resistance will be low but no worries. You will still get a great workout that will be very shoulder friendly.

Shoulder Press Workout Design

  • Alternating between right and left sides, perform 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest.
  • Perform 12 total sets (6 each side) and rest for 2 minutes.
  • Choose another pillar press variation and repeat the same sequence. 
  • Perform 4 total rounds, always changing up the pillar press exercise variation.


Meet Dave

Dave Schmitz, PT, CSCS, PES has been writing, teaching and training how to implement resistance band training for rehabilitation, general conditioning, and performance since 1996. He is the founder & co-owner of Resistance Band Training— the leading band provider worldwide.

Along with being a co-author of the Amazon best seller, Total Body Breakthroughs, Dave is also the author and producer of numerous fitness & nutrition articles, E-books, DVDs. His passion is focused on trainers, clients, and athletes improve their body’s ability to handle momentum, gravity and ground reaction forces using elastic resistance. Dave also consults online with several high schools, universities, private performance training business and is also on the board of experts for the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA).

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