10 Top Healthy Band Shoulder Press Exercises

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shoulder press exercises

Healthy Band Shoulder Press Exercises

Shoulder press exercises are movements that are important when you consider the amount of overhead activities we do on a daily basis

Unfortunately traditional free weight shoulder press exercises have been shown to create significant micro-trauma to the rotator cuff when performed regularly. As a result, many active aging fitness enthusiasts that only lift weights develop shoulder pain. Ultimately, they have to discontinue this strengthening exercise.

Fortunately shoulder press band exercises are more joint friendly. They also provide several other added benefits that traditional free weight shoulder press exercises can’t.

Benefits of Band Shoulder Press Exercises

  • A band’s ascending resistance provides an easier resistance when starting the concentric phase of the pressing movement
  • Band pressing allows for non-vertical vectors which are less likely to irritate the rotator cuff.
  • A band’s pliability allows pressing movements to be quickly modified to painful ranges of motion.
  • Band resistance can be quickly modified to avoid overloading the rotator cuff.
  • They allow core stabilization and scapular stabilization to be instantly integrated to support the rotator cuff.
  • They can easily place the load behind the shoulder. This allows scapular muscles to engage faster.
  • Pulling movements can bring in rotation. This is going to recruit the scapular muscles more effectively.

Top 10 Attached Bent Over Shoulder Press Exercises

  1. Staggered Bentover Press
  2. Parallel Bentover Press
  3. Alternating Bentover Press
  4. Standing Single Arm 3 Point Press
  5. Kneeling Single Arm Press
  6. Knee Tap Single Arm Press
  7. Single Arm Pillar Press
  8. Blast Off Single Arm Press
  9. Standing Behind the Neck Press
  10. Step and Press