Crawling Push Up Challenge Workout

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push up challenge workout

About the Crawling Push Up Challenge Workout

Combining crawling and push ups instantly creates a challenge workout that pushes muscles like no other

Add a resistance band and you create a crawling push up challenge workout that is going to build some serious pushing muscle strength and definition while keeping your rotator cuff healthy and happy. 

Plus, your abs are going to become significantly stronger at stabilizing the low back.

Crawling Push Up Challenge Workout Design

This is a challenge workout with the goal being to complete 10 continuous sets without having to put your knees down. 

  • Each set consists of 5 Crouching Bear Push Ups and 5 Short Crawl Steps.
  • Once you can complete all 10 sets you have achieved Level 1.
  • The next step is to time yourself and attempt to beat your time on subsequent workouts.