Heavy Band Pulling Workout

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Band Pulling Workout

Pulling for most people is a very strong and powerful movement that requires significant resistance to optimally train

Most people don’t consider resistance bands as a way to train with heavy resistance.

Not true.

Continuously looped layer Quantum Bands allow you to incorporate unlimited resistance along with the ability to increase muscle recruitment by applying a variable ascending resistance. Together these two training benefits make it very easy to simulate a Heavy Band Pulling Workout using Quantum Bands.

Heavy Band Pulling Workout Example

Here is a perfect example of a Heavy Band Pulling Workout. This workout trains the entire mid back region by quickly changing up planes of movement, force vectors and rep speed.

Heavy Band Pulling Workout Design

Alternate through each of these 7 attached heavy band pulling exercises. Take little to no break between exercises until you have completed 5 reps of each exercise. Take a 60 second rest and repeat 4 more sets.

For a more intense workout, cycle through all 7 exercises and perform 5 reps of each. However, instead of resting after completing a cycle, repeat the cycle 4 total times. This will require completing 140 total reps of heavy band pulling.

  1. High Pulls
  2. Staggered Stance Pull Right and Left
  3. Single Arm Dominate Hose Pulls Right and Left
  4. Bent Over Power Pulls
  5. Lat Pulls


Bands Needed for Heavy Pulling Workouts

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2 Responses to "Heavy Band Pulling Workout"
  1. Joe Zenner says:

    This is a great workout- I was wondering how I was going to finish after round 2, but changed my grip and knocked it out. I’d love to see a Heavy Push workout. I’ve been following RBT for 5-6 years and don’t do heavy band workouts enough. 48 years old and feel great- Thank You for all you do!

  2. David Schmitz says:

    Joe… You are welcome. Make sure you checkout The Band Gym… a lot of Band Workouts and programs for you.. http://bit.ly/2qzXGDE

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