Squat Workout To End Muscle Imbalance

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squat workout

Eliminating Muscle Imbalance

Your Squat Workout should hit every plane and multiple force vector to ensure you eliminate injuries caused by muscle imbalance

So many squat workouts follow one direction. They use only 1 force direction (usually vertical) and only hit one plane of motion. Continually repeated, this creates muscle imbalance and muscle inflexibility which leads to injury.

To avoid injury you have to change up your workout exercise patterns and the direction of forces. This will ensure smaller muscle stabilization and different recruitment patterns are used.

The following squat workout does all of this by combining a 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer Band with an attached 41″ Quantum band and free weights. Together this combination allows you to hit multiple planes while applying multiple force vectors that the body has to learn to deal with.

Squat Workout Program Design

Alternate through these 7 squat variations doing 40 sec work sets and 20 sec rest sets. Cycle through this sequence 3 times.

  1. Goblet Squat
  2. Off-Set Deadlift Right and Left
  3. Off-Set Front Squat Right and Left
  4. Rotational Deadlift Reach Right and Left

Best Band Packages
to Complete This Squat Workout

Squat Workout