10 Attached Band Leg Strengthening Exercises

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About Leg Strengthening Exercises

As we age, gravity creates wear and tear on our joints. This is why attached band leg strengthening exercises are a better option for long-term fitness success.

All day, every day, our body is continually dealing with the effects of gravity. Going up stairs, walking up inclines, squatting down to lift, lunging down to reach, pushing, pulling, and walking are all daily functional movements that require the body to overcome gravity.

Knowing the amount of gravity-dominated activities the body is put through every day, it’s easy to understand why free weight squatting, leg presses, and single leg free weight squatting will create significant joint wear and tear on the hip and knee joints over time.

It is for this reason, attached resistance band leg strengthening exercises are a better option. When done correctly, they will create significantly less joint trauma while still strengthening key hip and thigh muscles.

Attached Band Leg Strengthening Exercise Benefits

There are other key benefits to attached band leg strengthening exercises that include:

  1. Allows less compressive forces on the low back, knee, and hip
  2. Trains lower body muscles to become better at dealing with ground reaction forces
  3. Enhances walking and running by being a great auxiliary strength exercise
  4. Allows you to train in all planes of movement
  5. Allows resistance to be modified quickly
  6. Enables you to perform these exercises anywhere
  7. Allows better recruitment of the Glute Medius which is the key stabilizer of the knee
  8. Allows free weights to be added to increase vertical load
  9. Unloads joints using band assistance
  10. Provides dynamic stretching and joint mobilization

Top 10 Attached Band Leg Strengthening Exercises

  1. Assisted Squat
  2. Squat
  3. Assisted Lunge
  4. Split Squat
  5. Reverse Lunge
  6. Lunge Toward
  7. Split Jump
  8. Step Up
  9. Step Down
  10. Side Lunge