Complete Upper Body Band Gym Workout

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Band Gym Workout

Complete Band Gym Workout You Can Do Anywhere

The following workout is designed to create muscle definition while increasing strength and power throughout the entire upper body using one 41″ Quantum Band and one 13″ Quantum Band.

Band Gym Workout Program Design

Alternate through the following 10 exercises. Perform 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest/transition to complete this 40-minute workout.


  1. Plank
  2. Pull a Part
  3. Overhead Press
  4. Mt Climber
  5. Bent-Over Row
  6. Push Up
  7. Side Mt Climber
  8. Curl
  9. Triceps Press
  10. Skater

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Down Arrows - Band Gym Workout

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The Band Gym Workout


Meet Dave

Dave Schmitz, PT, CSCS, PES has been writing, teaching and training how to implement resistance band training for rehabilitation, general conditioning, and performance since 1996. He is the founder & co-owner of Resistance Band Training— the leading band provider worldwide.

Along with being a co-author of the Amazon best seller, Total Body Breakthroughs, Dave is also the author and producer of numerous fitness & nutrition articles, E-books, DVDs. His passion is focused on trainers, clients, and athletes improve their body’s ability to handle momentum, gravity and ground reaction forces using elastic resistance. Dave also consults online with several high schools, universities, private performance training business and is also on the board of experts for the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA).

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  1. I have a full thickness tear in my supraspinatus All else is okay at this time. Do you have suggestions for keeping the rest of my rotator cuff muscles strong ? What band should I use?

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    The best way to get recommendations is to email me directly at

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