RBT Band Training

Partner Attached Band Training

Partner attached band training will turn your large group bootcamp into a fitness community and make you the Super Star Instructor. Learn how easy it is to start implementing Partner Attached Band Training.
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RBT Band Training

Multi-band Setups

These multi-band setups will help turn your home band gym into an unlimited training center for fitness and performance.
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Band Training with a Towel

A towel is one of the easiest band training accessories you can apply to your workouts. It will not place your band at risk while making grasping the band more comfortable.
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Resistance Band Training Mistakes

There are several resistance band training mistakes that will lead to an unsuccessful training experience and potentially damaging effects to your bands. Learn more about these mistakes and how to avoid them today.
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Implementing Bands into Your Workout

Stretching, warm-up, strength training, cardio training or the cool down are all components of an exercise program that can be accomplished by implementing resistance bands. The following videos will show you how.
Dec 30, 2015 / 4 Comments
RBT Band Training

Training with Bands and Weights - How They Compliment Each Other

Training with Bands and Weights does not have to be mutually exclusive. Instead by combining band resistance training with free weight or body weight resistance training, it allows the body to optimize strength while improving key components of function that would not occur if training with free weights only.
Aug 3, 2015 / 1 Comment

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