Band Training For Women

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Women and Band Training

Attention Ladies…to stay healthy and be able to do what you want to do, you have to stay strong. However, that does not mean having to perform kettlebell deadlifts, heavy barbell squats or clean & jerks.

It simply means you have to make sure your muscles are routinely being placed under a resistance that makes them work 3 to 4 times per week to adapt which will in turn get them stronger and leaner. It also does not require having to deal with busy gyms, outfitting a home gym with heavy equipment or hiring a personal trainer.

What is required is learning how to strength train your total body, performing 12 to 15 exercises using a resistance tool that makes muscles work at a level that creates a bi-product of significant muscle fatigue.

I know that sounds simple but honestly that’s all it takes.

Here’s the problem…

Many women think it’s going to require lifting weights or using high priced gym equipment to accomplish. They also struggle to determine what it means to push themselves to get the results they are looking for.

There is also the fear factor. Fear of injury, fear of getting bulky, fear of looking too intense, or fear of making sure they are doing the exercises correctly. Those are all legitimate concerns but the fact of the matter is all of these can be eliminated by a little education and realizing that it’s not the tool but the effort that makes the biggest impact.

Resistance bands are really the perfect strength training tool for many women for several reasons.

Reasons Women Should Consider Using Resistance Bands

Unlimited Portable Resistance

This is a huge benefit of band training that really makes a difference when it comes to busy women getting stronger. First off, being portable allows you to train anywhere which allows you to get your workouts in when family and work suddenly get in the way.

Second, because a couple of bands can provide up to 200 pounds of strength training resistance, you typically have all you need in your hand to get stronger leaner looking muscles.

RBT-9dollar-Site-Compare-Graphic-v31 (2)

No Intimidation Factor

I get that weights or having to workout in a busy gym can be intimidating so who says you need a gym.

Resistance bands can do what weights do, and they obviously are easy to use in the privacy of your own home…No Excuses.

To get started with RBT all you need are a few single bands like what’s in the Gym-to-Go Package

Quick Adjustable Resistance

When a workout or specific exercise is feeling strong, the last thing I want to do is have to stop and change weights. I have found in training 100’s of female clients that they typically will not change the weight and instead will just use the same weight over and over.  This approach will not achieve the results women are looking for.

Since bands allow resistance to be changed instantly, women have a greater likelihood of challenging themselves by stretching the band out further thus increasing resistance and workload. This is one of those benefits that typically goes unnoticed but creates a significant impact in getting quicker results.


Perform Any Movement

Resistance bands are not influenced by gravity which allows them to be used to perform 100’s of exercises that weights can not. Many of these non-gravity push, pull or squatting movements are easier for women to perform.

No one says strength training can only be done by placing a weight in your hands or on your back. A band’s ability to attach on to the body makes exercises like lunging, walking, running and squatting a whole lot more fun and comfortable for the body to preform.

Band Training Increases Effort Without Knowing It

Strength training with bands (vs. with weights) incorporates a unique “Ascending Resistance” that challenges women to have to push throughout the entire range of motion versus using the constant resistance of free weights. This need to push throughout the full range of motion automatically increases effort in any strength training program.  Remember it’s not the tool…. It’s the effort that makes the difference.

Time Efficient Workout Options

How much time does it take to set up 3 or 4 bands to strength train with?? Answer…a whole lot less than having to travel to the gym or bring out all those dumbbells, kettlebells or other free weight tools.

Plus, bands go where you want them to go which means if you want to take them along on a run or trip, you can. You’d have what you need to knock out quick strength workouts. For a busy mom this means you can get a workout in before having to get the kids ready for school or before they get home from school.  For the busy career women, it means getting a workout in before work or during your lunch time.

Travel Workout Options

Attacks Female Trouble Spots

The hips and thighs are trouble spots for most women simply because these are the areas that often store unwanted fat or are weak due to the natural development of the female body. By strength training with bands in standing versus lying or sitting positions, it allows for an immediate challenge and solution to these trouble spots.

Due to a band’s lightweight construction, it easily allows women to stand up to push, pull, press, squat, lunge or curl. This is not possible in most cases using a dumbbell or kettlebell and is definitely not possible using most strength training machines.

Try This Hip Extension Exercise

Keeping Workouts Fresh

The key to getting stronger is doing the work 3 to 4 times per week. However, doing the same workout over and over quickly leads to boredom and possible overuse injury. Strength training with gravity dependent resistance (i.e. weights) is limited to how many different exercises you can use to target specific muscles.

A similar situation will arise when doing only bodyweight exercises. Training with resistance bands provides an unlimited number of exercise options making it extremely easy to keep workouts unique and energizing while not having to worry about excessive muscle soreness or overuse injury.


For all women, staying strong is important, especially if you are an active mom or a busy career-oriented lady. The problem is finding the time for workouts that you can conveniently fit into your day that get results.

Resistance band training can and ultimately will be your go-to strength training solution that allows you to get great results without the hassles that come with exercising with weights at home or at a busy gym.

As soon as you start implementing the resistance band training system into your weekly strength training routines you will instantly see why it truly is fitness without limits.


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