Best Band Workouts for Busy Women

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Band Workouts for Women in 19 Minutes or Less

Ladies here are three 19-minute band workouts you can do anywhere. Here is what you need:

  • A couple of pairs of continuously looped bands (preferably RBT Quantum Bands)
  • A little space
  • A timer or clock

HIIT Program

This HIIT program will allow you to target key muscles you wish to strengthen using 2 strength exercises followed by a fat loss calorie burning exercise. Great for women on the go.

Program Design

All workouts will follow a 45-second work set followed by a 15-second rest that will be used to transition to the next exercise. Each round will consist of 3 exercises – 2 band strength exercises and 1 body weight cardio or calisthenic exercise.

You will complete 3 continuous rounds while alternating through all 3 exercises 3 times for a total of 9 total sets—which will equal 1 cycle or 9 minutes. Once complete, you will take a 1-minute rest before doing cycle 2 using 3 different exercises. When done with cycle 2, you will have completed a 19-minute workout.

Here are your 3 workout options:

Workout 1
Cycle 1:  Push Press – Pull a Part – Stationary Run (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)
Cycle 2:  Split Squat Right – Split Squat L – Side Step Over (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)

Workout 2
Cycle 1:  Chest Press – Seated Row – Jumping Jack (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)
Cycle 2:  Front Squat – Hip Extension – Mt Climber (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)

Workout 3
Cycle 1:  Hammer Curl – Triceps Extension- Stationary Skip (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)
Cycle 2:  Reverse Lunge Right – Reverse Lunge L – Drop Step Shuffle (Repeat this Sequence 3 times)

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