Follow Along Single Band Workout

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About this Follow Along Single Band Workout

This follow along single band workout hits every major muscle group. The key is to make sure you use a single band resistance that challenges you.

Single band training is without a doubt the easiest workout to set up anywhere and for any individual or group workout. It’s also the most versatile because you have a huge list of exercises to choose from and you can do it anywhere as long as you have a small amount of space.

From a fat loss standpoint, it’s also one of best RBT options because you can do it anywhere. As a result, you never have to miss a workout, you can train the entire body and resistance is unlimited.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternate through all 12 exercises doing 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest between exercises. Once you complete all 12 exercises, rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more rounds.

Option #1: If increased strength is the goal

We recommend having at least 4 or 5 levels of band resistance that you can quickly transition to between sets depending on the muscle group you are training. You also may want to incorporate tempo reps with this type of program.

Option #2: If you want to burn a lot of calories

We recommend sticking with one band that you can get max reps with. However, you have to go for it and push hard following this program approach or it won’t be nearly as successful. Make sure you are challenging yourself with the correct size band.

Option #3: Combine both approaches

With this approach we recommend doing 2 or 3 rounds. Round 1 work speed, Round 2 work heavy resistance and Round 3 go back to speed or go even heavier than Round 2.


  1. Incline Chest Press
  2. Bent Over Row Right
  3. Bent Over Row Left
  4. Split Squat Left
  5. Split Squat Right
  6. Single Arm Press Right
  7. Single Arm Press Left
  8. High Pulls
  9. Front Squat
  10. Straight Leg Deadlifts
  11. Triceps Press
  12. Hammer Curl

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