12 Keys to Fat Loss Band Training Success

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Fat Loss Band Training

Fat loss band training success is not about the tool but the effort you’re willing to put behind the tool

It’s the programming, effort and willingness to push yourself to work hard that are the game changers. To get rid of unwanted fat will require hard work, workout consistency and the ability to adapt your training program to meet your specific needs or limitations. Fortunately the RBT Method and Quantum Bands can accommodate all of these.

12 Keys to Successful Fat Loss Band Training

1. Change resistance on the fly to optimize workload output

When performing high intensity, interval strength training — which we know is the best way to burn fat — being able to quickly change resistance is key to greater fat loss success. The reason is because it optimizes work output while decreasing down time.

Band training allows you to quickly increase or decrease resistance by instantly changing the starting stretch resistance. A greater starting resistance will require greater muscle recruitment and workload throughout the range of motion.

Unfortunately with free weights, changing resistance requires having to stop and either choose a different weight or add weight. This slows down training momentum. Being able to keep the muscles working at a maximal level without having to stop will instantly create a greater calorie burning workload.

2. Train different angles to keep muscles adapting

All muscles have fibers that run in multiple angles. The more muscle fibers trained, the more calories are burnt over a specific work time. Strength training with bands allows you to easily hit all fiber angles. It does this by seamlessly changing movement planes and angles, something not possible using free weights or weight machines.

Multi-angle RBT also eliminates overuse injuries and post exercise soreness. This occurs when having to constantly follow the same movement pathway. Therefore, it’s possible to train similar muscle groups more frequently to burn more calories throughout the week.

3. Train multiple movements simultaneously

RBT allows you to integrate multiple movements together. For example, doing a lunge press or squat push. This recruits more muscles for a higher level of calorie expenditure. Integrated training is not possible when strength training while sitting on a machine or lying on a bench. To perform integrated training you have to be, in most cases, on your feet. This is why 95% of RBT exercises occur with a standing base of support.

4. Train all aspects of fitness and performance

Fat loss band training success comes down to making sure workouts are getting done. Bands allow you to train all aspects of fitness and performance, anywhere, anytime at any intensity using unlimited resistance. As a result, workout consistency goes way up with RBT.

You soon realize there is essentially no exercise or functional movement that cannot be replicated while being placed under some level of band resistance.

5. Eliminate plateaus by contrast training with bands-body weights

Combining body weight exercises with resistance band exercises allows you to train muscles using two uniquely different types of resistance that cause muscles to adapt differently. With continual muscle adaptation, plateaus are eliminated. This, in turn, increases lean muscle mass along with calorie burning efficiency.

6. Strength train anywhere

Being able to strength train anywhere eliminates having to miss a workout. Knowing workout consistency is the key to long-term fat loss success, band strength training makes it easy to always get circuit-based strength training, calorie burning workouts completed anywhere and anytime.

7. Eliminate the potential for injury

Overuse injuries are created by constantly performing the same exercises in the same directions using similar resistance loads. They prevent you from staying on your fat loss workout routine. Being able to easily change up the direction and resistance load used with specific exercises stops tendons from developing chronic inflammation. This leads to tissue breakdown and injury.

Fortunately resistance band’s lightweight pliability and non-gravity dependence makes changing up exercises very easy to do during any workout.

8. Easily combine with dead weight training to increase workload and core stabilization

use bands with weights

Similar to the previous discussion we had about combining body weights with bands, the same can be said about combining free weights with band training. Like body weights, free weights also create a constant gravity dependent resistance as compared to a resistance band’s ascending non-gravity dependent resistance.

Each of these unique types of resistance impact muscles differently. By combining bands and free weights, it causes the muscles to be loaded with a resistance throughout a full range of motion. This makes calorie expenditure increase dramatically.

9. Train with horizontal vectors

A band’s lightweight non-gravity dependent construction allows for the implementation of horizontal vectors. These vectors activate the core abdominal muscles more effectively than vertically-driven free weight vectors. This increased activation of abdominal muscles causes primary muscles to become highly recruited leading to a greater calorie expenditure.

10. Combine cardio training with strength training

Being able to combine longer duration cardio training sets with shorter duration strength training sets allows the body to use different energy systems. This, in turn, creates greater levels of fat burning potential. As a result, individuals that enjoy running or biking for fat loss can easily incorporate strength training into their workouts without having to take away from what they enjoy doing.

11. Increase workout frequency with joint friendly training

Resistance Band Training has been proven to be more joint friendly than lifting weights. Therefore, RBT provides those individuals that do not tolerate gravity dependent free weights or are apprehensive to lifting weights, another strength training option for fat loss that is joint friendly.

Also keep in mind that as we age, metabolism will slow down and joints become less tolerant to free weight training. This will result in less fat burning capabilities. This is not the case with band strength training. Therefore, it becomes easier to keep muscles strong and lean throughout any age.

12. Assist body weight movements

Fat Loss Band Training

In many cases, individuals that need to lose fat struggle with being able to lift their own body. As a result, adding in an external free weight resistance is not an option.

Resistance bands provide an assisted body weight strength training option when simple exercises like squats, lunges, push ups or pull ups are not possible with full body weight. Assisted band training is also a great way to do low level, high volume body weight exercises for greater calorie expenditure.


Fat loss success is impacted mostly by the effort, versatility and frequency of training versus the tool or training system being followed. Knowing this, having a training system and tool that provides ANYONE with unlimited resistance, unmatched portability and the versatility to perform ANY MOVEMENT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME is going to be a far better fat loss training tool than having to rely on a gym or training equipment that doesn’t adapt to the individual or body’s needs.

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