4 Ways to Make Band Training Unlimited

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Making Band Training Unlimited

Continuously looped bands by themselves are easily the most versatile elastic training tool available. However, applying these 4 additional accessories with a Quantum Band makes training all aspects of fitness and performance unlimited.

Four Accessories to Apply with a Quantum Band

#1: Detachable Training Handles

For most that train with bands, they view handles as a more comfortable way to train. Yes, comfort is important but training handles create a much greater benefit than just comfort.

Adding training handles to a continuously looped band allows for a more powerful grip that, in turn, allows the shoulder girdle to create a greater level of stability.

The ability to firmly grasp a solid structure like a handle, creates a neuromuscular response that activates the primary shoulder stabilizers. This, in turn, creates a greater level of strength production when it comes to pushing, pulling or pressing.

However, by not having them permanently attached to the band, it still allows the band to be used in other numerous ways that would not be possible if they were permanently attached.

Why Training Handles Build Greater Strength

#2: Linking Bands Together

Linking bands together allows a single band to be lengthened out when a second band is quickly attached to it.

Why lengthen out a band? By lengthening out a band it creates a greater level of resistance variability while allowing the amplitude of movements to be doubled.

This greater amplitude of movement is important when it comes to training exercises like running or partner attached exercises where greater movement distance is needed.

Why You Want to Link Bands Together

#3: Attaching Bands Using a Band Utility Strap

Attaching bands and attached band training allows users to bring in a horizontal vector which is something free weight training cannot create.

The ability to quickly attach a band to any door or stable structure using a Band Utility Strap instantly allows attached band training to be implemented.

However, the Band Utility Strap also helps protect the band from being damaged which can often occur if the band is not attached to a completely round surface.

Why a Band Utility Strap is Like Having Your Own Adjustable Cable Column

#4: Using a Towel for Rotational Band Training

Adding in a towel allows for rotational band training which is difficult to create with a handle.

The towel creates a lengthening of the band system as well as a greater amount of grasping surface. This is needed when attempting to train rotational movements.

Why You Should Incorporate a Towel into Band Training


Having these 4 simple continuously looped accessories provides those that only have bands the ability to add in 100’s of additional training exercises, setups and options that would not be as convenient or efficient using bands alone.

Along with that, each of these accessories provides the body with a valuable training influence like off-set loading, enhanced stabilization and horizontal vector training.

RBT Accessory Kit

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