10 Upper Body Attached Muscle Building Exercises to Master

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Muscle Building

Master These Upper Body Attached Muscle Building Exercises

Attached band training provides you with the opportunity to incorporate horizontal vector training which is not an option when using gravity dependent free weights only. Horizontal vector training provides you with several benefits in regards to improving total body function and recovery.

  1. De-loads joints making it a more joint friendly training experience
  2. Allows for rotational movements not possible with gravity dependent free weights
  3. Instantly trains core stabilization by providing anti-extension and anti-rotation forces
  4. Creates distal joint stabilization when combined with the ascending resistance of a band

Why Horizontal Vector Training is Important

Building muscle requires maximal muscle recruitment

To facilitate a muscle building effect you need to increase muscle recruitment. This can be done through increasing rep volume or resistance.

To facilitate maximal muscle recruitment with horizontal vector band training we are going to make sure your base of support (BOS) is optimal so that primary muscles are able to create as much force as possible.

As a result, we are going to use the most stable base of support to ensure balance and stability is ready to handle greater levels of resistance.


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Master These 10 Attached Muscle Building Band Exercises

  1. Squat Row
  2. Bent Over Row
  3. Hose Pulls
  4. Pull Through
  5. Chest Press
  6. Incline Press
  7. Bentover Press
  8. 3-Point Pillar Press
  9. Bicep Curl
  10. Triceps Overhead Press

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7 Responses to "10 Upper Body Attached Muscle Building Exercises to Master"
  1. David Smith says:

    I really appreciate your lessons. I am learning a lot.
    Thank you.

  2. roger says:

    Dave, I have noticed most of your responses come from people between 35-45. I am 68 and have been using your bands (red-green) for about 8 years. I was having to many minor injuries with dumbbells and kettlebells. Your updating emails are always helpful.

  3. Louis Drakulich says:

    Thank’s again for all of your great videos

  4. Dave Schmitz says:


    Please don’t worry about age.. Its all about movement and it sounds like you are doing well in that department.
    Congrats and thank you for the feedback.


  5. Dave Schmitz says:

    David Smith

    You are welcome

  6. Buffedd says:

    Can I order those bands from here?

  7. Dave Schmitz says:


    All bands can be ordered from our online store

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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