Avoid These 5 Band Training Mistakes

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Band Training Mistakes by Coaches and Trainers

I find it very interesting that if you place a coach and an athlete in a weight room, the coach—in most cases—makes sure the athlete goes slow. Yet give them resistance bands and the first thing they do is explosive partner runs, the ring of fire or big band bursts with fast deceleration on the return.

I know those are the “sexy drills” but if you don’t make your athlete do barbell snatches the first day, why do you have them do very complex band training drills? My feeling is that bands simply do not get the respect that barbell snatches or other olympic lifts get. I am ok with this but please keep in mind, all tools have progressions and regression and bands are no different.

5 Band Training Mistakes to Avoid

Band Training Mistake #1

Using too strong of a band to initiate training with bands. I think this is because coaches want to impress their athletes or clients. I took Coach Dos, who I respect tremendously when it comes to training, and literally kicked his butt doing quick burst drills. It can be done but it takes monitoring and supervision.

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Band Training Mistake #2

Coaches and trainers have a tendency to not monitor people during band training. It happens to me all the time. I look away and kids or adults are cranking on the bands. Guys, they are not invincible and it hurts being snapped by a 70lb band. Again I ask, would you let an athlete or client throw around a 40lb kettlebell without being properly instructed?

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Band Training Mistake #3

Attention coaches and fitness pros, we need to train ourselves first. I speak nationally at least 5 times per year and every time I do, the next week I have someone emailing me about how one of my bands broke the first time they used it.

Accidents happen and I totally understand that. However, in most cases it was not a bad band but rather a bad coaching job so make sure you train yourself first. It’s fun and you will really get excited about the post exercise feeling.

Band Training Mistake #4

Start with attachment free training first. As much fun as partner band training is, it takes time to teach it. Get your clients excited about bands using attachment free training first and then really wow them with partner training later.

Band Training Mistake #5

Educate and learn. The best trainers and coaches are those who never stop learning. Interestingly, my best band training coaches and fitness pro are those men and women who email me constantly asking questions. I did not become passionate about bands because they were easy or gimmicky. I did because when used right, they make my body and others do things they could not do before.

Testimonial: Teresa Gibbs

Hi Dave,

I love, love, love your bands! I own a gym and am a Certified Personal Trainer (due to my owner responsibilities I don’t have 1-on-1 clients, but do teach a weekly functional class). I purchased my first set of your bands years ago to use personally. I used them once or twice when I first received them, but they primarily sat in a bucket untouched for years. I read all of your newsletter updates, pinned a few workouts on Pinterest, but just wasn’t “into them” enough to use them.

Well, thanks to receiving your constant newsletters and having them always top of mind, last fall I decided to get my bands out. I was doing rehab and recovering from rotator cuff surgery, getting frustrated that I couldn’t do many of the things I used to do with kettlebells or free weights, so I decided to try the bands. I am now hooked!!!

I use them in nearly every type of resistance workout that I do, and I always incorporate them into the weekly class that I teach. My class participants wonder what crazy things I’m going to have them do when I bring out the bands, but they love them (I had them doing assisted push-ups Monday night and they had so much fun doing them! Plus, secretly us women feel badass that we can do full push-ups and not “girl” push-ups!).

Long, long, long story short…I’ve been interested in getting more official training on your bands. Are you planning any live workshops in the future? I would love to do something live if there is ever that option. Thanks for all that you do!

Teresa Gibbs

PS. Love the new website!

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