Partner Band Training (Digital)


Partner Band Training (Digital)

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Product Name: Partner Band Training Digital video

This Package Includes: 1 Digital video that is approximately 45 minutes in length

Don’t waste another minute  in your group training program looking around for where to attach your bands. Leverage the POWER of partner attached band training to get the BEST total body resistance band large or semi-private group workouts Anywhere, Anytime, at Any intensity with Anybody.

Attention Resistance Band Lovers as well as Resistance Band Beginners… Partner Band Training is now available and you are going love how easy this will make large group training for you.

  • NO more pipes on the wall
  • NO more straps in a door 
  • NO more hooking onto machines
  • NO more having to remodel your facility or house to attach bands for training

Now all you need is a committed partner, space, a pair of bands and the Partner Band Training Instructional Video and Manual.

Once in hand this First EVER Partner Based instructional video and manual will provide you with

  • 21 Upper Torso Training Circuits
  • 6 Core Based Training Circuits
  • 6 Lower Torso Training Circuits
  • 6 Band Locomotion Circuits

It will provide you 4 circuit design options to make 39 circuits into a mind boggling 156 possible workout options using only 2 bands and a single partner.

If you are tired of having to look around for attachment sites like I was, or are unsure of how to work effectively with a partner while training with bands, leave those worries behind.

I will hold your hand and walk you through what I guarantee will be your primary partner based training approach once you have mastered the transitions and partner holding positions.

The Partner Training Manual covers: 

  • Why bands were made with Large Group Fitness Camp training in mind
  • Partner training  tips and techniques to make workouts flow seamlessly
  • How to choose the amount of bands you need for your fitness group
  • The benefits of partner band training
  • My basic group band training format
  • Best partner band training set-ups
  • How to maximize your resistance band budget
  • My 7 Step approach to phasing in partner attached band training into your fitness camps
  • 7 Done for YOU workouts using the circuits I provide you

This revolutionary Partner Band Training video and Manual will make group training with bands so incredibly easy that you will start making Reactive RBT your go to training tool for every workout.

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