Contrast Strength Training

Contrast Strength Training

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Gravity is only 1 of 3 forces the body has to deal with each and everyday to remain functionally strong. Learn how to use contrast training to impact the two most important forces, besides gravity, that our body has to deal with everyday and why lifting gravity dominated free weights alone will not impact these two key forces.

Punch - performance abs

4 Steps to Build High Performance Abs

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If all you are doing is sit-ups and crunches to develop your abs, then you are spending your time teaching and training your abs to do something completely opposite of what they were wired to do. Stop wasting your time. Learn how to build high performance abs.

training over 40 using time-based sets

Best Training Partner for those Over 40

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For years I have promoted the use of time-based sets, especially for those fitness enthusiasts whose exercise goals are focused around effort more than lifting heavy weights which is often the case for those over 40. Learn more about why time-based sets are the best training partner today.

Band Finisher Workouts

Building 3D Muscle Definition

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3 dimensional strength training is the best way to develop muscle definition and keep you functionally fit to do what you enjoy doing. The key is finding a resistance training tool that allows you to train in multiple directions while using multiple speeds and force vectors. Learn how to build 3-D muscle strength, definition and stay functionally fit today.

Fix your squat

Fix Your Squat

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Squatting is the grandfather of all functional movements. Learn how to use bands to train and fix your squat to be pain-free no matter your age, strength or functional level.

Super charged band training

Supercharged Band Training Approach

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Just in case you didn’t know, your muscles are dumb. They do not think. They simply react and adapt, but they adapt really well, especially when it comes to changes in exercise speed, direction or the type of resistance. Supercharged band training is one way to blow through plateaus by incorporating an ascending vs. constant resistance.


Tight Shoulder Stretching Routine

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The upper body, specifically the shoulder joint, responds well to distraction stretching. Fortunately with the elastic ascending nature of resistance bands, it is very easy to perform distraction stretching to the shoulder joint as well as the entire upper body.