Heavy Resistance Band Workout

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Heavy Resistance Band Workout

Don’t be scared to train with heavy band resistance

It’s not like heavy weight lifting. For example, today’s RBT Workout is a Heavy Resistance Band Workout that is super joint and spine friendly. However, it will still challenge you to push, pull, squat and even tow as hard as you can. 

Things that need to occur in order for this to be an effective heavy resistance band workout.   

1 – You have to have tension on the system at all times 

2 – Doing more than 12 Reps per set is probably to many reps 

3 – The band system is not getting repeatedly over-stretched


Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 45 seconds – done using a slow tempo
Rest Between Sets: 15 seconds
# of Total Sets Per Round: 8
# of Exercises Alternated through Per Round: 8
# of Recommended Rounds: 4 

Bands Recommended –  2-Green XL, 2- Blue XXL,  2- Grey XXXL, 1- Maroon Thunder Band or 1- Royal Blue Thunder Band

Scale Work Set Time, # of Rounds and Band Resistance as needed  


  1. Hose Pulls Right
  2. Hose Pulls Left
  3. Power Shuffle Walk Right
  4. Power Shuffle Walk Left
  5. Heavy Split Squat Right
  6. Heavy Split Squat Left
  7. Heavy Seated Rows
  8. Power Crawling

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