Express Band Complex Workouts

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band complex workouts

No time for 2-hour bodybuilding workouts that beat up your body??

Start training any specific body part or movement pattern using Express Band Complex Workouts.

Here is What’s AWESOME about Express Band Complex Workouts

  • They are Super Time Efficient, yet can provide unlimited intensity if you want it.
  • You won’t have to do boring, fat burning cardio pre or post strength workouts.
  • They create an awesome muscle pump, which leads to you feeling and seeing quick muscle definition.
  • You are pushed mentally and physically, which provides you with that great post workout high.
  • They eliminate the opportunity to rest during transition time, which is where most people mess up and not get the results they are looking for.
  • They don’t require heavy resistance unless you want that option which bands conveniently provide. 
  • You can train in multiple planes on the fly.
  • The exercise options are endless regardless of the body part you are training.

Here’s How Express Band Workouts Create Serious Muscle Definition

  • Choose a Body Region: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Butt, or Core
  • Pick a Band Setup: Pair of Bands Attachment or Small Band Looped into a Big Band seem to be the best  
  • Choose How Many Reps Per Set: I prefer 10 reps per set or 30-second continuous intervals
  • Pick Your Workout Time Per Body Part: I like 10 minutes or 20-10 rep sets
  • Choose Your Exercises: I like 5 to 6 with one being a unilateral version

band complex workouts

Here are Keys to Successful Express Band Complex Workouts

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