Easy Fat Loss Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

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Glutes - fat loss workouts

Do These Workouts Anywhere

Creating Fat Loss Workouts is Not that Tough

People make programming for fat loss way too complicated.

Granted it’s hard to actually lose weight but you don’t have to make the actual workout design difficult, and you definitely don’t have to beat the crap out of your body using weights unless you want to. Plus, if you get injured you are not going to exercise.

Sliding one of these types of workouts in is yet another way to get RBT into your workouts.

Here are easy fat loss workouts I frequently use with my clients.

Easy Fat Loss Workouts

  • 45 on, 15 off for 3 sets
  • Alternate through 2 band strength exercises and 1 body-weight calisthenic exercise
  • Repeat this sequence for 3 total rounds to complete a 20 minute workout

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