Busy Dad’s Workout

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busy dad's workout

About this Busy Dad’s Workout

Ladies, you’re very welcome to give this workout a try. However, this is my go-to workout when I don’t want to beat my joints up lifting weights, but I want to sweat.

Busy Dad’s Workout is a total body workout that requires you to have a couple of pairs of bands, some training handles, a towel and a 60-15 interval programmed on Seconds Pro. Get ready to work your total body while hitting all planes of motion.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Interval Time: 60 Seconds
Rest Between Interval: 30 Seconds
# of Total Interval Per Round: 8
# of Exercises Alternated Through a Rounds: 8
# of Recommended Rounds: 3 (36 minute workout)
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)

Setting up Seconds Pro App

Special note… Sets equals Rounds and Interval are the same as sets.

Step 1 – Choose Circuit Timer

Step 2 –  Name this workout 60-30 Strength 1

Step 3 –  Number of Sets – 3

Step 4 –  Add in 8 Exercises – If you wish to name them that is your call.  I will often name them so I remember what exercises I used.

Step 5 – Rest between Intervals  – 30 Seconds

Step 6 – Rest between Sets – 60 Seconds

Step 7 – Leave Warm up and Cool Down – 0

Step – Make alerts – text to speech with count down



  1. Squat Chest Press
  2. Squat Row
  3. Pillar Press Right
  4. Pillar Press Left
  5. Alternating Reverse Lunge
  6. Assisted Spiderman Push Up
  7. Alternating Hose Pulls
  8. Skaters

Products Used in this Workout

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