Why a Golf Warm-up is MANDATORY!

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A Golf Warm-Up is MANDATORY!


Very rarely do I speak in absolutes. Within the strength and conditioning and sport performance industries, there are way too many people who speak with an absolutist attitude, thinking they have the magic pill for all. 


However, one thing I will say with certainty. 




Let’s start out by saying what isn’t warming up… 


  1. Grabbing 3 clubs and taking some practice swings… 
  2. Static stretching
  3. Putting and chipping for 15 minutes
  4. Showing up to the first tee 30 seconds before your tee time, taking 2 practice swings, and calling it good to go.


You are asking for poor performance with these bad warm-up habits, or worse, injury.


One study completed in 2001 found that just 17% of recreational golfers complete any dynamic stretching prior to playing (2). Another one found that 48% of recreational golfers completed NO warm-up prior to playing (3). 




ARTICLE: Why a Golf Warm-Up is MANDATORY!


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