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Golf Fitness with Bands

Golf Fitness with Bands

Bands are an awesome tool. They're portable. They're effective. They're inexpensive. And GOLFERS CAN GREATLY BENEFIT FROM THEM! Learn how...
Feb 14, 2022 /

3 Pieces of Rotational Power Development

When it comes to the golf swing, there are two separate, but at the same time unified pieces of the rotational power puzzle:  The lower body and its relationship with the ground The upper body and its ability to load and explode rotationally
Aug 5, 2021 /

Golf is More than a Game

The ancient Chinese proverbs had a saying, wu-wei (pronounced ooo-way), which is a framework that helps guide you through your life.  It refers to the “dynamic, effortless, and unselfconscious state of mind of a person who is optimally active and effective. People in wu-wei feel as if they are doing nothing, while at the same time they might be creating a brilliant work of art, smoothly negotiating a complex social situation, or even bringing the entire world into harmonious order” (1). 
Jul 29, 2021 /

Why a Golf Warm-up is MANDATORY!

Warming up prior to playing golf is MANDATORY for all of my athletes... it should be for you too! Here's why and how you should be warming up! However, one thing I will say with certainty.  PRIOR TO GOLFING, WARMING UP IS MANDATORY. 
Jul 22, 2021 /

How to PROGRESS your golf training...

The progressions and the adaptations that we seek in our training, need to parallel the progressions and goals we seek outside of our training.  Too often strength coaches and weight room meatheads view “progression” as simply the weight being moved. But, if my goal is to move better, feel better, and play better golf, the weight on the bar means fairly little in the grand scheme of things… it obviously matters, but not as much as you may think.
Jul 15, 2021 /

Train Like an Athlete

How would you describe the ideal athlete?  Would she be tall? Muscular? Strong?  Would he have a 6 pack?  Would she be able to jump high and run fast?  What sport does he/she play?  What position?  . . . These questions are nearly impossible to answer. The ideal athlete is extremely context dependent.  Phil Mickelson just won the PGA Championship awhile back. What would happen if you put him at cornerback lined up across from Devante Adams?  Yuka Saso just won the US Women's Open a few weeks ago. What would happen if she tried to guard Breanna Stewart on the basketball court?
Jul 1, 2021 /

4 Ways to Build Fatigue Resistance

Are you somebody who finds yourself scoring low on the front nine, and then struggling down the stretch?  Are you somebody who struggles putting together a complete round of golf?  Are you somebody who continually feels fatigued throughout the course of a round? 
Jun 24, 2021 /


Way too often our world focuses on reactive mechanisms to problems, as opposed to proactive, and there are many reasons for this.  It’s easier to spot a problem that has already happened. It’s easier to judge the success of your intervention… did it solve the problem? 
Jun 17, 2021 /

5 Keys to In-Season Golf Training

Finally! The time has come, golf season is in full swing. If you are a fellow Midwesterner, then I am sure you can echo my happiness.  With the season officially upon us, it’s crucial that our training adapts to mold to our new lifestyle, continues pushing us towards our goals and complements our higher volumes of playing time, never leaving us feeling to fatigued or ill prepared for a round of golf.
Jun 3, 2021 /

Your Golf Swing Isn't Soft. Your Training Shouldn't be Either.

Spring is here. Finally, that white stuff has disappeared and gave way to the beauty that is green. I can picture it now, the smell of freshly cut grass and a little dew still on the practice green. Put yourself there. It’s time for your first round of the year. Expectations are high and you’re hopeful to pick up right where you left off last fall. The first tee shot is as nerve wracking as they come, no breakfast balls today… you tell yourself.
May 27, 2021 /

Rethinking Rotation

Is rotation dangerous? Are exercises like the one shown below an injury hazard?  Let me ask you something, do you play golf? Or tennis? Pickleball? Softball? Basketball? Hockey? Baseball? Football? Do you do yard work? Or garden? Carry things? Shovel? If so, your body is going to rotate. It happens. It is one of the 3 primary planes of movement that we must have proficiency in. 
May 20, 2021 /

Make Your Training Messy

I am a hardcore Cheesehead - GO PACK GO. Because of that, Vince Lombardi is a hero to me. He's a legend. He's one of the greatest coaches of all time. Aside from my fandom, I believe many people will be able to relate with me on the fact that I am also a fan of Lombardi simply because he was a great leader. Leaders like him have paved the way for future generations. To start off this article, I want to break down one of his most famous quotes… “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”
Apr 29, 2021 /

Adaptation and Antifragility

When we open the history books, there is a common trait seen amongst all successful people, civilizations, and complex systems - they adapt. During the times of hunters and gatherers, the humans who adapted were the ones that lived. If a hunter lacked the skill of hunting, they were forced to adapt in order to become successful… or else.  Lucky for them, adaptation may be the strongest, most productive quality of complex systems. 
Apr 22, 2021 /

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