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Rethinking Rotation

Is rotation dangerous? Are exercises like the one shown below an injury hazard?  Let me ask you something, do you play golf? Or tennis? Pickleball? Softball? Basketball? Hockey? Baseball? Football? Do you do yard work? Or garden? Carry things? Shovel? If so, your body is going to rotate. It happens. It is one of the 3 primary planes of movement that we must have proficiency in. 
Mar 3, 2021 /

Rotation vs. Anti-Rotation: Best friends or worst enemies?

The golf swing is fueled by both rotation and anti-rotation, although these two items directly oppose one another. A successful golf swing has both, to many differing degrees. In the end, an interdependence needs to be built between the two, in order to produce your most successful swing possible.
Mar 3, 2021 /

Adaptation and Antifragility

When we open the history books, there is a common trait seen amongst all successful people, civilizations, and complex systems - they adapt. During the times of hunters and gatherers, the humans who adapted were the ones that lived. If a hunter lacked the skill of hunting, they were forced to adapt in order to become successful… or else.  Lucky for them, adaptation may be the strongest, most productive quality of complex systems. 
Mar 3, 2021 /

Welcome to RBT Golf Training

Our mission is to empower your health and performance in the pursuit of greater golfing success and longevity. Our aspirations extend far beyond golf, but never are decisions made without the game in mind.  Your golf success is at the forefront of our goals and we are here to carry your bag on 100% of your journey (metaphorically), but first you must understand… 
Feb 23, 2021 /

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