Discover 8 Ways to Apply RBT into Your Performance Programs to Build Fast-Fit & Flexible Athletes

Lifting Weights Increases Strength… Lifting Weights with Bands Increases Explosiveness

How RBT makes Life as a coach and trainer easier

8 Ways To use RBT to create fast, fit and flexible athletes of any age.

    1. Anywhere First Step Speed and Strength Training

      A band’s light-weight portability and the ability to train using a partner attached setup, makes it possible to train first step speed and strength anywhere. As a result coaches and trainers can train on the court, on the field or wherever their athletes are.

      Versatility of RBT when it comes to training first step speed,and strength anywhere including  at Warhawk Stadium, home of  4 Time NCAA National DIII Football Champs University of Whitewater

    2. Auxiliary Training with Strength Development

      One of the simplest ways to combine free weight “constant resistance” training with band “ascending resistance” training in a weight room setting, is through auxiliary training. Most off-season programs have athletes focus on getting stronger performing primary lifts like squatting deadlifts, cleans or bench pressing. Applying complementary auxiliary band training exercises in conjunction with these primary free weight exercises allows trainers and coaches to easily get the benefits of resistance band strength training and free weight training in every workout.

      Push Training With Cincinnati Bengals Strength Coaches

    3. Pre-Workout Flexibility and Mobility Training

      Pre-practice or pre-lift dynamic band stretching is another effective way to bring band training into a workout. Not only does band stretching help improve muscle flexibility and pliability, it also optimally prepares muscles and joints for aggressive ballistic type weight room strength training.

    4. Non-Contact Injury Prevention using Reactive Deceleration Training

      Deceleration training is without a doubt one of most important aspects of training I use resistance bands for in both my performance and adult fitness camps. By incorporating in simple band resisted change of direction, jumping or hopping drills, you can train the body on how to slow down and absorb ground contact forces that when not controlled  lead to non-contact injuries as well as excessive joint wear and tear.

      Germantown pre-season girls high school basketball “Deceleration Training” using bands in a convenient partner attached setup

    5. Convenient Core and Hip Stabilization Training

      Performing familiar exercises like planks or monster walks while under band resistance is a very convenient way to train trunk and hip stability with any age. Also by performing band pushing or pressing isometrics, coaches and trainers can quickly improve shoulder, elbow and knee joint stability in throwing or racket sport athletes .

  1. Assisted Strength training with Bands

    Body weight strength training is a very convenient way to improve absolute strength. However what if young athletes or adults can’t perform simple body-weight push ups, pull ups or squats?? Bands can be used as an assisted (not just resisted) strength training tool to help decrease the effects of gravity and in turn allow individuals to perform body-weight exercises with perfect form, control and stability. I will use this band training technique frequently in my adult fitness camps as well as with younger athletes to ensure they can learn correct exercise form and muscle recruitment.

  2. Developing Efficient Partner Conditioning Circuits

    Resistance band’s lightweight portability with unlimited resistance and exercise options, allows coach and trainer to create convenient anywhere interval strength workouts for athletes of any age while using a joint friendly training tool.

    Dave’s G’Town Fast-n-Fit Summer Camp

  3. Contrast Training to Increase Acceleration Speed and POWER

    One of final ways I apply resistance bands into strength based athlete training programs is by attaching bands to the body’s center of gravity while performing free weight exercises like squatting, bench pressing, cleans or push pressing.  By combining a band’s ascending resistance with a constant free weight resistance exercise, athletes as well as adult fitness clients, learn how to accelerate their power center (hips and core) which in turn teaches them how to create faster force and POWER!!

    Example of applying band resistance to a hang clean to teach a young athlete how to accelerate through their hips

Start Applying RBT and Get Your Athletes of Any Age Fast, Fit and Flexible Anywhere, Anytime.

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