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Your host Dave Schmitz

Single Leg Squatting can be very challenging on the knees, especially as we hit 40+. However if you are getting your Gluteus Medius to activate early and often, it will support the knee and often allow you to single leg squat. Here is a Single Leg Squat variation I have found that almost anyone can do. Give it a try and let me know.

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What people are saying

I have been working out with your bands for several weeks now and I really enjoy it. I can’t get to the gym nearest to my town because it is 30 minutes away and costs way too much. I’m seeing results the same as going to the gym and better. Thank you for a great product and allowing me the ability to ask you questions direct.

Klinton W.


Dave! I’m with you…
Just turned 51 and 37 years of weight training has given much and now seems to be ‘taking’ a bit more than I like. Started to incorporate more resistance band training into my routine and with our clients’ as well…and improvements are already showing up. Thank you my man! Stay Well.

Matt J.

New Jersey

Awesome information Dave. You inspired me when I was 16, and today at 35, I am still inspired by your level of fitness and passion for the industry.

Derek T.


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