3 Places to Workout That’s Not a Gym

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Places to Workout Besides the Gym

To stay consistent with an exercise routine, you need to have options. What I mean by this is you need to have different places to workout and not have to rely on a gym to stay consistent with your workouts.

By having different places to workout, it provides you with 5 key benefits that lead to a consistent and therefore successful exercise routine.

Benefits of Exercising in Multiple Locations

Benefit #1: More Variety

Different locations offer different ways to vary up your workout. This decreases boredom and creates different challenges for your body to adapt to. Getting the body to adapt is a huge key to getting better results.

Also, varying things up helps you to avoid overuse type injuries that often happen when you do the same thing every time.

Benefit #2: Less Hassles

Being able to change up location makes it much easier to get in workouts. As noted in past blog posts, having to travel to a gym and deal with the hassles that come with working out can be barriers to staying consistent and getting in great workouts regularly.

Benefit #3: Different Challenges

As an actively aging adult, it’s important that your exercise program keeps your body prepared to handle real life activities so you can enjoy doing what you like.

Changing up location brings in different obstacles and challenges that better prepare your body to handle real life activities. For example, exercising on different surfaces for balance and agility.

Benefit #4: Uncommon Movement Patterns

Another benefit is having to deal with different or awkward patterns of movement. Altering a movement on the fly helps improve muscle reaction time which is important when it comes to avoiding injury.

Benefit #5: No Gym Crowd

Sometimes you simply want to exercise alone and avoid having to deal with the gym crowd. Being able to workout at home, at a park or at your local high school track provides you with the solitude that can mentally make working out a lot more enjoyable.

I know for the average person exercising in different locations can be challenging because they do not know what to do when they get there. Resolving this issue comes down to having exercise equipment and workout routines that are portable. This is where resistance bands can play a big role.

A resistance band’s light weight portability and unlimited resistance potential allows anyone to workout anywhere. You won’t have to sacrifice results due to the inability to do what you want in your workout. Plus, they are easy to use and create innovative workouts with.

3 Non-Gym Workout Locations

By having familiar equipment that allows you to change up your exercises, it now makes going to any of these 3 non-gym workout locations a very doable option.

Location #1: Playground

A playground is an outdoor gym in disguise, especially when you add in bands. By adding resistance bands to a playground, your workout options are literally endless when it comes to exercise choices and strength training resistance.

At a playground, the perfect circular band attachment points make attached and attachment free band training limited only by your band training knowledge.

Location #2: Garage and Driveway

bobhenzler - Places to WorkoutNext to walking down to your basement, a garage gym is easily the most convenient place for anyone to workout.

By adding in a small piece of carpeting to stand on during attachment free band training, you instantly have everything you need to perform 100’s of workouts.

By adding in The B.A.R., you now have a multi-level cable column that allows you to perform any exercise you would do at a local gym. Plus remember, no waiting for equipment or having to deal with working out around 100’s of people.

Location #3: Hotel Room

Places to WorkoutTraveling for business or pleasure for most people is inevitable and often makes staying on your workout routine difficult. By having the ability to workout anywhere, you do not have to break up your workout routine no matter how poorly equipped the hotel fitness room is.

In fact, your hotel room could easily provide the space and needed surface to perform any type of attachment free band training if you don’t want to venture out at all. By adding in a band utility strap, it instantly makes attached band training possible.

Knowing most hotel fitness rooms are typically not well equipped, being able to workout in the privacy of your hotel room puts you in control of staying on pace with any workout routine.

These are 3 common non-gym training options. But knowing how portable and versatile bands are, it’s very easy to add to that list.


IMG_0431Changing up workout locations and not having to rely on a local gym to stay on your exercise routine is important to making exercise part of your lifestyle.

The key to doing this is making sure you have the training equipment and program planning resources to make changing locations seamless.

Resistance bands can make training anywhere very seamless. As a result, they allow you to continue to reap the benefits that come with working out regardless of the location you choose.

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