8 Reasons People Love Bands Versus the Gym

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bands versus the gym

Building a Home Band Gym allows you to train for fitness and performance Anytime, Anywhere while eliminating the hassles and health concerns that come with having to rely on a local gym.

Less than 50% of the individuals that pay for a gym membership actually use it. In many cases this is because people get bored with the same old environment and routine. Or they get tried of all the hassles that come with going to the gym. Things like crowds, not being able to get on equipment when you want, having to clean up after someone and social interruptions.

That is why so many people these days enjoy having a home band gym versus relying on a gym to provide them with a workout solution. Today’s article touches on 8 reasons people like having bands versus the gym.

8 Reasons You Will Prefer Bands Versus the Gym

1. You Can Simulate any Exercise

I get that being able to workout on cool equipment is fun, but the fact is the newness wears off quickly while the monthly membership fee remains. Plus, what often happens is people fall in love with a specific machine or routine and it leads to overuse issues and injuries. This eliminates the #1 reason they go to the gym which eventually leads to not going.

Resistance bands allow you to simulate any machine or free weight exercise anywhere. More importantly, they allow you to modify the movement quickly to eliminate always following the same exercise path. This ultimately leads to injury. As a result, you don’t keep beating up your joints by repeatedly forcing them to go through the same movements over and over.

2. Trains all aspects of fitness

With all of the cheap 24-7 gyms these days, paying a few bucks every month may not be a big deal. However, in most cases these 24 hour gyms are very limited in what they offer—not to mention making sure equipment remains operational and clean.

Resistance bands can train all aspects of fitness and they are easy to keep clean. This means, regardless of what your goals are for working out, bands will easily accommodate your needs. Cardio, flexibility, circuit training, core strength, strength training, speed training, power or basic muscle toning are all common exercise goals that resistance bands can easily accommodate in the privacy of your home without beating up your joints.

3. No gym hassles

Imagine never having to wait for equipment, changing up your workout because all the machines are full or having to train on equipment that someone else just finished sweating all over.

These are just a few of the things that make local gyms a workout hassle and limit your ability to get in great time-efficient workouts. Having your own home band gym eliminates ever having to worry about any of these public gym hassles. It’s not surprising that with the right training resources, band training accessories and high quality resistance bands, a home band gym is quickly becoming a far more popular workout solution.

4. No monthly membership

Most gyms rely on people buying a membership and never using it. If you are one of those individuals that just can’t get to the gym but pays for a monthly membership just in case you can, think about this…how many bands and band training accessories could you buy for the price of a one month public gym membership?

The answer is a lot.

Frankly, after 2 months of paying for a gym membership, you could have all the bands and accessories you need to setup a complete home band gym that allows you to workout anytime for years. Your biggest issue you will have once you get your home band gym setup is what will you do with all the extra money you’re saving.

5. Train anywhere you want

For many, getting to the gym is difficult due to work, family or unexpected schedule changes. As a result, having to travel to the gym becomes an easy excuse to not get your workout in.

Also, think about the amount of time wasted having to actually get in your car – travel to the gym – change clothes – get set up in the gym and figure out what is available to use. All that time could be better used to work on flexibility or burn additional calories performing 10 to 15 more minutes of a fat burning, band circuit training.

The fact is, being able to just come home and workout eliminates all the wasted time and effort that comes with driving to the gym. Not to mention a convenient excuse.

6. Bands travel with you

When you travel, being able to have everything you need for a workout ensures that you never miss a workout. Very few hotel gyms provide you with any type of usable equipment that you can rely on to get in a workout much less the type of workout you want to do.

Fortunately your home band gym can easily travel with you making it very easy to have everything you need to stay on pace with your workout routine.

7. Family affair

The best way to ensure your children get introduced to exercise is by exposing them to it at a young age. Having a home band gym allows them to watch you set the example. With resistance bands being adaptable to any age group, from middle school to senior citizens, you have a tool they can train with when they are interested in trying.

8. Unlimited workout options

There is no other piece of exercise equipment that allows you to strength train the body by pushing, pulling, running, jumping, pressing, squatting or lunging. A band’s pliable quality allows you to quickly change a simple row into a rotational row or a simple split squat into a step lunge without having to change anything except the movement pattern.

Example of Band Pulling Variations

Example of Band Pushing Variations


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