Towel Push-Pull Core Workout

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About the Towel Push-Pull Core Workout

Not many people at the gym ever think about adding in rotation to their push-pull workout. Instead they just stay straight. Yet these same people complain about not having good ab development.

Well guess what…you need to rotate while standing on your feet to get your abs working. This towel push-pull core workout will do just that. So don’t complain the next day when your ribs hurt.

Training Recommendations

Alternate between 2 pull exercises performing each one for 30 seconds with a 15-second rest between exercises. Perform 4 sets of each before resting for 1 minute. Then perform the same sequence doing the 2 rotational push exercises. Feel free to add in a few more sets if you have time.


  1. Rotational Towel Rows Right and Left
  2. Rotational Towel Pushes Right and Left

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