3 Things You Need to Stay Consistent With Your Home Workouts

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I have discovered 3 things that YOU must have in place every week to ensure YOU stay consistent with YOUR workouts regardless of where YOU are.

3 Keys to Staying Consistent With Your Workouts

Without workout consistency, you will not see the compounding fitness results that help you achieve fitness longevity.

1. Workouts must be easily accessible

Keeping the momentum going with workouts will require you to have the ability to squeeze in a workout anywhere. By having this option in place, it allows you to get a quick workout in at lunch or before your daughter’s basketball game or at home before you head off to work. If you travel, it means being able to workout in your hotel room or in what is typically a poorly equipped fitness room.

Obviously body weight exercises are always an option but I find body weight exercises alone do not cut it. Continuously looped resistance band exercises provide you with the ability to strength train anywhere, performing any exercise while applying any level of resistance.

Its lightweight, portable construction allows you to always have 2 or 3 bands with you no matter where you are. As a result, you no longer have to worry about getting to the gym or having to rely on outfitting your own gym at home. Just having 2 or 3 resistance bands will allow you the accessibility to stay consistent with your workouts or travel workouts.  For example here is 5 ways to train arm with bands and all of these can be done at home.

5 Ways to Train Arms with RBT

2. Workouts Must Continue to Teach You New Options

If you’re like me and have been working out for years, learning about different types of workouts keeps my body and I adapting. The #1 reason people stop working out is because they get bored. The only way to overcome workout boredom is by changing things up. The only way to change things up is through education. It is important that you learn new exercise routines that require you to use new equipment.

Finding a coach would be great, but that can be expensive and makes accessibility much more challenging. A better option is to learn via the Internet through online workout membership programs. However, I suggest making sure the program you join has 3 very important components:

3 Components to Online Workout Membership Programs

1. Does not require you to have access to lots of equipment

First, the training does not require you to have to buy or have access to a lot of equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells or free weights. If it does, it will eliminate the accessibility component we just discussed. Using this type of equipment periodically is great, but make sure the equipment and being able to quickly pull up the website does not take away from making it very accessible.

2. Workouts must be easy to follow

Second, workouts must be easy to follow. Having to learn a bunch of complex exercises will create too much mental effort and take away from just getting in a good workout. Plus, the more you have to think, the less fun the workout becomes and, once again, this will lead to not wanting to do the workout or stay consistent with your workouts.

3. Instructor is high energy

Last, make sure the instructor or coach is high energy and knows his/her stuff. Too many online coaches make exercising too complicated or too aggressive. More and harder are not always better, especially for us 40 and 50 year-olds whose fitness goals are much different than 20 year-olds.

Bandman’s Favorite Go-To Workout

3. Workouts must be motivating and energizing

Workout motivation can be created in many ways. For example, we all have our favorite workouts, but when you travel those can be difficult to replicate. Having online workouts that use travel friendly tools like bands makes doing your favorite online workout easy and always possible.

Motivation also comes from having a coach or program you can easily work with. Being able to perform your favorite workouts or exercises is important. Motivation can also come from being able to change things up. I am not a person that likes to do the exact same workout every time.

For instance, doing 1 arm or 1 leg exercises versus always doing bilateral training is a great change of pace. Adding in rotation or stepping actions to pushes, pulls or presses brings in some additional challenge without adding resistance. Also, doing speed reps versus always doing slow movements creates energy and eliminates always having to lift heavier weights. Plus, your joints will love high rep, faster speed training especially using resistance bands.

Real Band Gym Workout

The most important key to motivation is finding workouts and equipment that make working out fun. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. But with so many workout options available to you, the key is to find what tools and workouts work for you and then keep adding in new options as you master others.


This body of ours needs to workout to stay healthy. Therefore, not working out is going to ultimately lead to being less functional. This will lead to you not being able to enjoy life doing what you want. Plus, jumping on and off the exercise wagon will lead to injury and unnecessary pain. You have to stay consistent with your workouts. The best way to ensure this happens is by making sure you keep learning about new ways to make workouts more accessible and motivating.

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