Total Body Strength-Cardio Workout

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About the Total Body Strength-Cardio Workout

Here is what you will enjoy about the total body strength-cardio workout—multiple stations that hit the entire body using what can be very advanced band exercises (if you want).

With the correct number of bands and these 3 accessories…Training Handles, Link Strap and Band Utility Strap…you are set.

What is also great about this particular workout is that it demonstrates how you can use RBT to impact cardio and strength but also improve balance, agility, coordination and power.  These are things that mother nature is slowly trying to take away from us.  RBT allows you to keep training them without beating up your body.

Training Recommendations

Workout Stations

Make sure you set up your stations first. You will need these band setups:

  1. A pair of similar color bands linked together with a Link Strap
  2. A pair of Training Handles hooked to a pair of bands for upper body strength training
  3. A Band Utility Strap hooked into the hinge side of a door or onto a stable structure
  4. About 10 x 8 feet of space to move

Workout Plan

You are going to complete 4 different stations, doing a total of 8 sets per station. Each set will include 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for all 8 sets. Make sure you alternate through all exercises equally at each station.

Two exercise stations will allow you to perform 4 sets of each exercise. Four exercise stations will allow you to perform 2 sets of each exercise. Take a 1-minute rest between stations.


  1. Shuffle 3-Step Burst or Walks Right and Left (Linked up bands)
  2. Back Pedals and Stationary Runs (Linked up bands)
  3. Incline Chest Press and Squat Rows (Attached bands with handles)
  4. 4-Way Lunges (Linked up bands)

Please Note –  I now suggest using Seconds Pro vs Iworkout Muse


Products Used in This Workout

The RBT Accessory Kit  and Beginner Band Package allows you to use Quantum Bands anywhere to replicate (under resistance) any movement your body can perform.