5 Fitness Travel Items You Should Have

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It’s difficult to stay on a routine when you travel. This is especially the case when it comes to getting in your workouts. However, having these 5 fitness travel items on every trip makes getting in great workouts (that replicate your at home workouts) automatic.

5 Must-Have Fitness Travel Items

1. Portable Resistance

You rarely come across a hotel gym that provides you with what you need in order to achieve a good workout. Strength equipment is typically a few low weight dumbbells and maybe a medicine ball. Cardio equipment is usually a bike and elliptical because the treadmill is broken or they simply do not have one since they are too challenging to maintain.

Therefore, your default option is body weight training. Body weight training is fine in a pinch. However, it typically does not provide the resistance or challenges needed to match a workout you would do at home.

Continuously looped resistance bands are lightweight. They also provide unlimited resistance without the issues that come with having to transport heavy weights. Having 3 to 4 continuously looped Quantum Bands along with a band utility strap provides you with everything you need to train cardio and strength anywhere.

2. Shaker Bottle

Blender Bottle - Fitness Travel ItemsA shaker bottle is far more versatile than just a standard water bottle.

It will provide you with hydration before and during workouts. It can also be used to mix up your post workout recovery shake.

One of the best shaker bottles I have found is the Blender Bottle. Not only does it seal well, but the additional containers allow you to store all your pre and post supplements in one area.

3. Pre-Workout Supplement

preworkout - Fitness Travel ItemsIt’s important to stay on a routine. One of the keys to doing this is making sure your nutrition is right, especially your pre-workout preparation.

Having some type of pre-workout travel nutrition plan is important to ensure you have the right energy during your workout.

It’s not always easy to travel with food or access a grocery store. Therefore, I would recommend some type of powder-based supplement that will provide you with quick energy before and during your workout.

4. Post-Workout Protein

protein - Fitness Travel ItemsBeing able to access food after workouts can be challenging, especially if you are traveling on business where schedules are typically tight.

It’s important that you have some type of supplement along to instantly provide you with the protein and carbohydrates needed post-workout.

It is recommended that you have, at the very least, a protein source to ensure you are able to provide your muscles with what they need to recover.

5. Music & Interval Workout System

Seconds Pro - Fitness Travel ItemsMusic and, more importantly, an automated interval training system, will allow you to dial in your workouts no matter where or what you are trying to accomplish.

Having some form of an automated interval system like Seconds Pro on your smartphone will help to eliminate outside distractions during your workout. It will also create the type of workout experience you are used to at home.


Having these 5 fitness travel items along on every trip provides you with everything you need to workout. It also helps you replicate your normal exercise routine. The more you can create a workout environment that is consistent with your normal routine, the more likely it is that you will get in an effective on-the-road workout.

Fortunately all 5 of these fitness travel items require very little additional space which makes them very transportable.

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