Barbell – Band Strength Training That Is Joint Friendly

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One of the best ways to make traditional barbell strength training more joint friendly is contrast training using gravity-dominated resistance with band resistance. It’s also better for active aging guys.

How is Barbell-Band Strength Training More Joint Friendly??

First, it eliminates having to load up the bar with heavy resistance. This creates joint shearing forces that wear and tear on the joints. Instead, by using a band it decreases the load at the start of the concentric phase. This is where most joint trauma is created.

The second way contrast training is joint friendly is it creates a higher level of joint stabilization at the end of the concentric phase. This is where injury is most likely to occur.

Here Are 5 Other Benefits of Contrast Training

  • Eliminates needing super heavyweights
  • Creates an incredible muscle squeeze at the end of your range of motion which is what increases muscle recruitment and definition
  • Increases distal stability where joints are most unstable (big injury prevention benefit)
  • Allows for greater muscle recruitment, making it a strong fat burning interval strength strategy
  • Allows you to work on fast-twitch muscle recruitment since speed is variable

Let me take you through how to contrast 7 major muscle groups using traditional Barbell Strength Training exercises. These exercises will provide you with a more joint friendly, free weight strength training alternative.

Chest-Barbell Bench Press

Bench Press - strength training

Back-Barbell Bent Over Rows

Bentover Row - strength training

Shoulders-Barbell Push Press

Push Press - strength training

Legs-Barbell Front Squats

BackSquat - strength training


Substituting these barbell and bodyweight contrast exercises has been proven to help you gain strength. It also helps you build muscle and create greater muscle definition without having to create extensive wear and tear on your joints. As a result, barbell training becomes a more joint friendly training option for active aging guys and gals that enjoy that form of strength training.

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