Muscle Maximizer 28 Day Workout & Transformation Kit




NEW Revised Manual!!!

Now You Can Quickly And Easily Build Muscle And Improve Definition At The Same Time… In Just 28 Days!

This All Inclusive 28 Day Workout & Transformation Kit Is Specifically Designed To Attack Both Size & Muscularity At The Same Time With A Unique 5 Day Split Routine!


  • Have You Hit A Plateau With Your Size & Strength Gains?
  • Do You Want To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle At The Same Time?
  • Have Traditional Muscle Building Programs Wreaked Havoc On Your Joints And Left You Feeling Stiff And Beat Up?
  • Is Lack Of Time Preventing You From Training Like You Used To?
  • Do You Dread The Idea Of Having To Go Back To The Gym To Strength Train And Build Muscle Back?

IF you answer Yes to these questions, the  Muscle Maximizer  28 Day Training program and Transformation Kit is for YOU  

This complete package comes with the following equipment and resources:

  • The complete 28 Day Muscle Maximizer Workout program
  • An RBT Accessory Kit (Training Handles, Link Strap, Utility Strap)
  • Beginner Band Package
  • RBT Training Bag
  • A Green 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer
  • A Black 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer

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