3 Way Butt Burn Workout

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About this Workout

To truly train your butt requires using both eccentric and concentric movements. It also requires training in multiple planes using multiple force vectors.

You can’t do this with weights or gravity dependent training tools. You can do it with bands because they do not rely on gravity to make them go. Plus with this workout, I give you 3 progressions for each exercise.

Seriously, the 3 way butt burn workout is going to light up your butt.

Training Recommendations

Work Set Time: 40

Rest Between Sets: 20

# Of Total Sets Per Round: 4

# Of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 4

(Choose 1 of 3 exercises that fit your fitness level)

# Recommended Rounds: 3

(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Lateral Walk – Lateral Step – Lateral Hop
  2. Stationery Chest Press – Squat Chest Press – Step and Press
  3. Forward Walks – Switch Drill – Skipping
  4. Stationary Pull – Squat Pull – Step Back Pull


Products Used in This Workout

Teal Thunder Band


Maroon Thunder Band


Green Dynamic Stabilizer


Black Dynamic Stabilizer

black dynamic stabilizer