73-Inch Thunder Band – Maroon – X-Large

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Thunder Band – Maroon


Product Name – Thunder Band – Maroon – X-Large

This package includes: 1 single Maroon Thunder band

Dimensions of Bands:

Width – 2 inch

Thickness – 5 mm

Length – 75 inches

Approximate Resistance in lbs – 75 to 150 pounds

Color – Maroon

Special Note: The maroon thunder band is slightly more aggressive than linking 2 green bands together.

Recommended Training Use:

  • Aggressive unilateral upper body strength training for athletes or adult fitness
  • High level High school or college level speed development training
  • Partner resisted running in all directions
  • Aggressive tug of war or towing drills

12 Thunderband Workouts

Unique Thunderband Training Ideas

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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