73 Inch Thunder Band – Maroon – X-Large


Thunder Band – Maroon


Product Name – 73″ Maroon Thunder Band

This package includes:  Single 73″ Maroon Thunder Band

Dimensions of Bands:

Width – 2 inches

Thickness – 5 mm (15 Continuous Layers)

Length – 73 inches

Approximate Resistance in lbs – 75 to 150

Color – Maroon

Special Note: The maroon thunder band is slightly more aggressive than linking 2 – 41″ Green XL bands together.

Recommended Training Use:

  • Aggressive unilateral upper body strength training for athletes or adult fitness
  • Advanced level of resistance for High school or college level first step speed development training
  • Advanced partner resisted running in all directions
  • Aggressive tug of war or towing drills
  • Crawling drills
  • Attached lower body strength on stronger individuals

The 73″ Maroon Thunder Band is an advanced level of resistance when it comes to training upper or lower body attached strength or speed.

12 Thunderband Workouts

Unique Thunderband Training Ideas

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