Rotational Push-Pull Workout

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About this Workout

Obliques are the key abdominal muscles that provide you with that thin waist look. This rotational push-pull workout is going to shred up your obliques. However, what many don’t know is that the obliques are also the key abdominal muscles that protect the low back.

Therefore, stop sitting on your butt and doing those silly Russian twists that hurt your butt and your back. Try this Rotational Push-Pull workout instead.

Training Recommendations

Work Set Time: 30 seconds

Rest Between Sets: 15 seconds

# Of Total Sets Per Round: 12

# Of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 2

# Of Recommended Rounds: 1

(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Reciprocal Push-Pull Right
  2. Reciprocal Push-Pull Left


Products Used in This Workout

Economy Fitness Package