Olympic Band Workout

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Olympic Band Workout

About the Olympic Band Workout


The 2018 Winter Olympic athletes have to build incredible lower body strength which they can do with traditional weight training. However, they also have to have great mobility, stability and power throughout the entire lower torso and core. RBT allows them to train these components better than free weights. This Olympic Band Workout does exactly that and you can do it anywhere.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 60
Rest Between Sets: 60
# of Total Sets Per Round: 4
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 4
# of Recommended Rounds: 4
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Speed Squats
  2. Rotational Reverse Lunges Left
  3. Rotational Reverse Lunges Right
  4. Attached Skaters

Here Is What You Will Need for Your Olympic Band Workout

Choose the pair of bands that will challenge you < === Click to pick yours

Green XL Bands - Olympic Band Workout