6-10 Minute Band Workout Ideas a 40+ Body Needs to Do

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band workout ideas

6-10 Minute Band Workout Ideas

Flexibility and Mobility Training

Flexibility & mobility is key components to sustaining an active life style. Doing this at the beginning of a workout reduces tendon-bone attachment stress, heats up muscles and breaks up muscle adhesion. All of this helps make muscles more tolerable to stress and stain which will make all movements feel better and move more efficient.

Every workout needs to start with a 10 to 15 minute flexibility and mobility workout. These workouts do not have to be the same every time but can focus on specific body regions that will be the focus of that day’s workout.

Here is a simple band flexibility and mobility workout routine

Fast Twitch Strength Training

As the body ages, fast twitch muscle fibers begin to atrophy (decrease in size) mostly because people stop training them. Fast twitch muscle fibers are the leanest muscle fibers. They are important in helping to keep the body from losing balance during awkward movements.

They also help keep the body’s power levels up which is key since many movements we do in life are short quick movements. The best way to build this into a workout is by using a 30 second on, 30 second off approach where the focus is on quality and speed of movement versus reps and high workload.

Example of how to work on progressive fast twitch training

Short Amplitude Agility Training

A normal day for most of us requires being active on our feet while doing a wide variety of movements in multiple directions. In athletics this is referred to as agility. Agility training from a general fitness standpoint is short amplitude stop and start movements done in progressively faster pace when possible.

This type of training is easy to do using the dynamic stabilizer band. Using the dynamic stabilizer band also activates the powerful hip muscles which happen to be the most important agility stabilizers.

Here is a series of dynamic stabilizer agility exercises you can use to work on fitness based agility

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Abdominal Stabilization Training

Abdominal stabilization is critical to keeping the low back, knee, hip and shoulder from having to deal with excessive joint stress. It is also what helps all other stabilizing muscles successfully protect the joints they are most responsible for.

Unfortunately when it comes to ab training most fitness enthusiasts think sit-ups, crunches and leg raises. These movements do not improve ab stabilization. RBT is effective at applying resistance along multiple vectors to ensure the abs are trained to handle forces from any direction.

RBT Ab Training

Interval Cardio Training

Interval cardio is absolutely the best way to enhance cardiovascular condition, burn fat and improve locomotion strength endurance. Long, slow steady state cardio has some benefits but should be left for bonus workouts or recovery workouts. Interval cardio can be accomplished on any type of cardiovascular equipment or with running. The key is to change up intervals to keep the body adapting.

The best cardio interval is 2 or 3 minute work intervals with a 50% less rest time. The higher the intensity, the longer the recovery should be. If 30 or 45 second intervals are used, it is important to make sure the intensity is as high as possible.

Dave’s Weekly Treadmill Interval Workout – 2 minutes of work followed by 1 minute of rest. The goal is 8 to 12 rounds. Increase speed or incline based on desired work effort.

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