What Resistance Band Training Does that Traditional Lifting Weights Can’t when it comes to Making 50 Your New 30

Looking Good is Going to Require First Getting Your Joints Feeling and Moving Better

Let me explain:

6 Things Bands do that Weights can’t when it comes to keeping your body moving and feeling great regardless of age

  1. Keeping You Mobile and Flexible

    As the body ages, tendons, muscles and ligaments lose water and as result become less pliable. However when you implement a band stretching program into your weekly exercise routine, it allows you to maintain and improve on joint mobility and muscle flexibility. A band pliability and construction is similar to a muscle and therefore easily allows you stretch muscles and joints in all direction. A Free weights cannot be used as a stretching tool since it can only work in a single plane or direction.

  2. Decreasing Exercise Induced Soreness

    Lifting weight is going to result in joint and muscle trauma due to use of a constant resistance or force being applied to the muscle. Repeatedly performing this over several years will lead to joints breaking down. Apply a band’s accommodating ascending resistance is less traumatic on muscles and joints which over years allows individuals to exercise more often without the concern of added wear and tear on their joints.

  3. Convenience + Consistent = Great Workouts

    Consistency is the key to getting great results with an exercise program. Knowing lack of time is the #1 reason people skip workouts it is important to have a convenient workout solution. Band’s light weight portability and unlimited resistance allows individuals to train anywhere, anytime thus eliminating the lack of time excuse. Free weight are not portable and do not provide nearly the exercises versatility of resistance bands.

  4. Improve Movement Coordination

    As the body ages and life becomes more sedentary, the bodies agility and coordination decrease. As a result our exercise program needs to focus helping maintain movement coordination and agility. Bands not only allow individuals to push, pull, press, squat and lunge but they also allow us to work on more coordinated movements of run, jump, swing, throw and jumping. Once again free weight are not able to simulate these movements.

  5. Keep Body 3-D Strong

    The body’s muscles and joints are designed to move in 3 distinct planes or patterns. A band’s non-gravity dependent lightweight construction, allows them to exercise joints and muscles in every pattern in any posture or position. Weights are gravity dependent and therefore allow individuals to exercise in only a single plane or pattern. The best performing muscle is a muscle that is strong in all 3 planes and patterns of movement.

  6. Works on speed of movement

    The faster the body’s muscles respond the more likely it can remain in balance and avoid awkward movements or falls that lead to injury. A band’s accommodating resistance allows muscles to train at different speeds thus allowing it to keep muscle response time fast. Faster responding muscle will, in turn, allow the body to successfully deal with awkward unexpected movements when they occur. Lifting weights is traditionally performed using slow movement patterns that are not conducive to improving movement speed or response time.

Next Steps

Thank you for taking the time to learn what resistance band training can do that lifting weights cannot. Lifting weights has its place in helping the body stay strong but how the body performs regardless of age, is not only dependent on strength. There are several other factors addressed in this article that significantly impact ultimately how our body will perform on a day to day basis. Implementing resistance band training into a weekly exercise program will impact those factors more effectively and as a result needs to be part of all exercise programs if the goal is to keep the body looking, feeling and moving great.

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  • Doug

    I am about to turn 53 on Friday and can tell you the bands with your weekly videos have changed my life

    Hey, Dave!! It’s Doug Harrell from Fairhope Alabama. I am a band man fanatic! I am about to turn 53 on Friday and can tell you the bands with your videos have changed my life and the way I work out. I train with a trainer two days a week and bands three days. I have had back problems for years but no more. Please keep the RBT information coming and I hope to meet you again.

    Sincerely, Doug Harrell

  • John

    I started with tube shaped bands, which were ok, but once I discovered your Quantum Bands , I gave my Tubes away.

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve been using your bands exclusively for the past 2 years since a major shoulder surgery. At the time I feared lifting days were done. I was 61 years old and just assume that I’d waste away, like most my age do. They were, but your product is, at least for me, way superior to lifting. At that time, the PT was rehabbing it with bands and I decided to use bands for everything as well. I started with tube shaped bands, which were ok, but once I discovered your product, I gave them away.

    I’m currently age 63 and workout with your bands 45 minutes every other day. I do sprints on a schwinn airdyne on the alternate days, never miss a workout. Today I look and feel better than I have since my late 30s.

    I’m attaching some pictures to show you progress. Thanks for creating a simple, honest, no bullshit way for older people to stay in great shape.

    John S.

  • Scott

    Your knowledge, experience, instruction and products continue to improve the quality of my life. thanks for acting upon your desire to help people enjoy their lives more fully.


    Thanks for your tireless effort to improve my strength, conditioning, and mobility using RBT. Your knowledge, experience, instruction and products continue to improve the quality of my life. Although I will continue to support your important work through product purchases, please also accept my heartfelt thanks for acting upon your desire to help people enjoy their lives more fully.

    Best regards,
    Scott Limpert

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