Movement vs. Muscle … Your Decision

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Learn How to Build a Body that Looks, Feels and, Most Importantly, MOVES Great Not Following the Traditional Strength Training Approach


Movement quality is often lost when the ego takes over and bar weight becomes more important than performing the exercise with good movement form. I know, because as a 30+ year old, all I did is lift weights.

After a few injuries, specifically one that required major surgery and 5 months of rehab, I decided the traditional strength training model that involved lifting weights only was not going to work for me.

I realized that continually lifting a Barbell or Dumbbell was not going to make me look good and it definitely wasn’t making my joints feel better. Plus, it was obvious I was losing mobility, coordination, balance and agility which made me move like an old man.

If this sounds familiar … it’s time to change! Try training with resistance bands.

What is it you really want your body to be able to do as it relates to your job, your family and what you enjoy doing in your free time?

Obviously you want to LOOK GOOD which means keeping your body lean (not skinny) with good muscle definition. Muscle size would be great but not critical. Frankly it’s difficult to sustain with Father Time playing against you. Plus, building muscle means having to constantly train with high resistance and high volume. I promise, that will lead to painful joints, stiff muscles and nagging injuries, especially as you get into your 30’s.

Certainly you want to FEEL GOOD which means waking up in the morning without joint pain and all that muscle stiffness. Personally, I wanted my hips, knees and ankles to specifically feel GOOD because I want to be able to run, bike, jump, hike and be active with family whenever I want. Painful joints make these events less enjoyable and injuries make them less likely.

Lastly, you want to MOVE GOOD. By this I mean if your middle school age child wants to go into the backyard or driveway to play a little ball, you’re ready to go. If your teenage son or daughter wants to go hiking on a vacation, you are right there with them. If your college graduate needs some help moving to their new apartment, you are ready to help them.

To me strength is only good if you can use it and most things we do, do not require us to lift super heavy weights. Instead most activities that require a decent amount of strength require getting into the correct position to allow us to use our body well. The strength will be fine as long as we can get into the most mechanically efficient position to apply the strength.

Strength frankly is overrated.  It’s only good if you can use it.


I am totally on board and highly recommend strength training. However, I don’t believe following the traditional approach of lifting weights only is necessary. You can achieve a great looking body that feels awesome and moves athletically, without having to constantly strength train by lifting weights, especially heavy weights, all the time.

Here is why RBT may be a better strength training solution for YOU

Movement vs. muscle1. First off, the convenience of training anywhere and anytime will make strength training easier for someone that has a busy schedule, filled with a family and a career.

2. You won’t have to worry about getting bored since you will have unlimited exercise options and the ability to train inside, outside or wherever you want.

3. You don’t have to go into a non-aggressive, non-competitive mindset just because you are not training with weights. Flat continuously looped bands like Quantum Bands are kicking the butts of pro athletes so they can also kick yours if you let them.

4. You no longer have to put yourself through painful workouts that make your body hurt and feel old for days.

5. Using a variable ascending band resistance allows you to train fast without the concern for injury. As a result, you maintain that lean fast twitch muscle while staying athletic.

Training with Resistance Bands works great for those people who realize that putting more weight on the bar is not making them better.

Why will YOU Fail Training with Resistance Bands?

Not willing to work hard training with resistance bands.

Most people think bands are for toning so they don’t think they can push themselves. Band resistance is unlimited. The key is to keep the same mindset you had lifting weights while applying Resistance Band Training instead.

Not willing to change your mindset.

Training with resistance bandsI get it. I know the reputation that comes with training with resistance bands. What most people don’t realize is there are tons of different band options and most of them are weak and cheaply manufactured.

Quantum bands are neither. Following our recommendations and choosing the correct resistance level, Quantum Bands will allow you to get after it anywhere, anytime doing any movement.

Not willing to put movement before muscle.

To have success training with resistance bands, you are going to have to commit to emphasizing movement over muscle. What we mean is you are going to have to be willing to use more challenging movements that require greater balance, agility and core strength versus straight plane movements that have you sitting or lying down.

You are also going to have to be willing to challenge yourself by changing exercise speed or bases of support versus always adding resistance. Plus, it’s going to require you to move multiple joints at one time which is referred to as movement integration vs. free weight movement isolation.

If you are willing to make these changes for 2 months, you will see a major change in how your body feels and moves.

What do I need to get started with RBT??


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Here is what I recommend:


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