12 Dynamic Stabilizer Drills to Improve Running

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Dynamic Stabilizer

Improve Your Running with Dynamic Stabilizer Drills

One of the keys to being a healthy runner is making sure your hips are ground contact strong. This means training your glutes to engage when your foot hits the ground so the knee, ankle, hip and low back don’t get beat up.

The 13 Inch Dynamic Stabilizer is a great way to activate your glutes while performing various lower body movements that create ground contact. Doing these exercises routinely throughout the week is going to keep your core and glutes ready to run.

Once these exercises are mastered, they can easily be placed into a circuit that runners or walkers can do to increase cardiovascular conditioning.

12 Dynamic Stabilizer Exercises

Here are the 12 Dynamic Stabilizer exercises you need to build into your weekly running routine to make sure you are training your glutes to handle the ground while also strengthening your running mechanics.

The exercises are listed from least to most progressive.

  1. Forward Walks
  2. Lateral Walks
  3. Marching
  4. Reaches
  5. Mt Climbers (Wide Stance)
  6. Step Throughs
  7. Side Crawling
  8. Side Lunge Release
  9. Skipping
  10. Drop Squats
  11. Step Overs
  12. Skaters

You don’t have to be a runner to use these exercises. They work great for walkers as well.

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