Frequently Asked Questions

Who can train with Quantum Resistance Bands?

Honestly, it is easier to ask the question, who cannot train with bands? I do not recommend children under the age of 9 only because they do not typically have the focus and attention span necessary to safely train with bands. Besides that, anyone can train with resistance bands as long as they learn how to safely use them and incorporate appropriate regressions and progressions. That is where comes in. As you review the website you find several areas of FREE training and teaching that will help you get started getting better with bands. However if after reviewing the site you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I choose the correct resistance band to exercise with? 

This is a big question because of the wide variance of individual strength levels. Fortunately a 41 Inch standard size Quantum Band provides a resistance variance of at least 30 regardless which band you choose. For example, a black medium band will create a resistance between 30 to 60 lbs depending on the starting tension and end of movement tension. Comparing this to constant free weight resistance that has only 1 resistance level it provides the user with multiple levels of resistance in a single band. That said, we still recommend purchasing at least 2 or 3 levels of resistance bands but that is a whole lot less expensive and more space efficient than having to purchase a dozen pairs of dumbbells.

Let Me Help – Complete this Questionnaire and email to me. 

How do I choose a resistance band for my bootcamp or athletes?

I find that yellow, red, black, and purple are the most important standard 41 Inch resistance bands to have in large group fitness camps. Now you have to always gender, age, strength level, what exercise you want to do, the resistance band set ups you like the most and where are you going to be training with your Quantum Bands. This chart and questionnaire may assist with your decision.

However I know personally I dislike buying a training product and finding out after the fact it isn’t even close to providing me a challenge or on the flip side, it is so intense I can’t use it. To eliminate this we are happy to assist. Email us your question at and I or another RBT knowledgeable team member will respond back to you ASAP.

What are the best resistance band exercises to start with?

Since the launch of in 2004, I have tested out 100’s of exercises. I have determined that the best 12 exercises based on their convenience, learning curve and joint friendliness to implement with first time user of Quantum Bands are the following exercises. 

Push Press – High Pull – Chest Press – Seated Row – Tricep Press – Hammer Curl – Pull Apart – Reverse Lunge – Front Squat – Split Squat – Plank – Mountain Climber

All of these exercises are available to view in our Exercises section.

What is the difference between layered and molded bands?

Quantum Layered Bands—

As the name implies, the Quantum Bands are manufactured in layers. Very similar to how a car tire is constructed, this continuous layering process substantially increases band strength, elasticity, durability, and training smoothness. They are also approximately 15 to 20% more expensive to manufacture, but considering they are 300x more durable this easily offsets any retail cost difference. 

Molded Bands—

Single-layer molded bands are created by pouring liquid latex into a mold and allowing it to harden. Obviously, this is a much simpler, cheaper and quicker to manufacture which reflects why the cost is different. However being a single layer, molded bands also wear out quickly by rapidly thinning out which leads to unsafe and frequent unexpected breakages to occur. Also because it is difficult to control chemical consistency, molded bands will demonstrate abrupt tension changes during training which can lead to soft tissue injury and band breakage. 

How do I know if a flat looped band is layered or molded?

Unfortunately, many band retailers are aware of the durability difference between and will, therefore, state their bands are layered when in reality they are molded. That said, a layered band will have a seam that reflects the end of the final layer of the band. In a Quantum Band, we take it one step further and apply a Latex Weld that securely seals the final layered down onto the band to eliminate the top layer (which is typically only glued) from peeling back which can make the band appear to be defective to the consumer. If you do not see a seam or weld, the likelihood is the band is molded. 

What happens if my Quantum Band breaks?

I wish I could say a Quantum Band never breaks but since it is not an iron dumbbell or kettlebell it is possible. Fortunately, 99% of all Quantum Band breakage is a result of poor attachment points that cut the band or repeat over stretching which tethers the band ultimately leads to band jaggedly tearing. However, at, we realize mistakes happen and therefore if your band breaks we ask that you email us a picture of the broken band ( and we will review the claim. In most cases, if it is a first-time incident and it has not surpassed our standard 1 Year Warranty we will replace the band with our recommendation on how to prevent future breakages that are not a result of faulty manufacturing. 

What if I am allergic to latex?

Obviously, latex intolerant individuals may not be able to use Quantum Bands which are made of 100% latex. All raw latex is washed before it is used to manufacture any of our Quantum bands. This is done to eliminate 95% of the chemicals that lead to latex intolerance reactions. That’s said if you know you are latex intolerant and still wish to test out training with a Quantum band, we recommend after contacting your physician to proceed with caution by first placing the bands in a room that you will be in to see if there is a reaction. If no reaction occurs we recommend using gloves, a long sleeve shirt and some form of sweat pant or legging the first time you train with bands to decrease skin contact. If you find that you do have a reaction, we will gladly have you send back the bands and refund your money. 

Can I use my elastic tubes to do what you do with flat Quantum Bands?

Honestly, in most cases, you could try, but tubes (which are also molded) simply will not work due to how those bands have a rounded structural make up. Also with certain exercises, you are exposing clients and athlete to potential injury because the tube which is molded does not have the durability to match the demands of the exercise. Therefore I do not recommend performing exercises demonstrated on, our Youtube Channel or in any of our free training resources with anything but layered continuously looped flat Quantum Resistance Band.

How do I implement Partner-Attached Band Training?

Partner attached resistance band training, to me, is the ultimate way to train large groups of fitness enthusiast or athletes in bands. The reason is that it is so easy to set up and you can train so many different aspects of fitness and performance anywhere. 

To implement, it will require you to follow a 7 phase program that I layout specifically in the Partner Band Training Video Resource. Once mastered Partner Attached Training will allow you to train horizontal vectors anywhere. The following are all areas I have trained clients or athletes using the Partner Attached Set-up:

Athletic fields – Athletic courts – Churches – Cafeterias – Tennis courts – Play grounds

Garages – Warehouses – Basements – Parking lots – School Hallways – Weight rooms – Gyms

Is strength training with bands better than using free weights or machines?

Every strength training tool has its advantages and specific impact on the body. So it is not a question of one tool being better than the other, it is a question of why not use all your resources. A resistance band’s ascending resistance, compared to a free weight constant resistance, challenges the muscles and joints to adapt in a way that can only be created by bands. Training against multiple force vectors, training in all planes of motion, training without the influence of gravity, training against increase momentum forces, stretching against a resistance and challenging the body to decelerate at faster velocities are just a few training effects that resistance bands can create that free weights or machines can’t.

So which is better? If you looking at getting stronger, any resistance can make that happen. If you are looking at taking your body to a new level of performance and fitness, a Quantum Resistance Band must be part of every workout. (Read more on using bands with weights)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally and you are welcome to order directly from Online Store using the International Checkout Button. To provide our customers with the best possible international shipping experience we have teamed up with GlobalShopex as our international shipping partner to ensure your purchase experience is as seamless, efficient and complete as possible. With the help of GlobalshopEx, you will know instantly, before submitting your order, what all duties, fees and final shipping costs will be. Plus with their expertise in global shipping, your package is guaranteed to arrive safely at the destination you request. Together with GlobalshopEx and RBT, now over 22 countries can begin to experience what it’s like to train with Quantum Bands using the RBT System. We do reserve the right to discuss international purchases with the customer before actual shipping occurs if we feel that there may be an issue in safely receiving your package. In addition, any specific tax/duty/customs fees that are charged to you upon receipt directly from your receiving country are your responsibility based on the full value of your incoming order. Any international orders that are not accepted for any reason and sent back to us will be subject to a $15.00 re-stocking fee and any outbound shipping charges paid will not be returned.

How do I return my Quantum Bands if I find they are not what I want?

All domestic order on bands and accessories should be shipped back to the following address:

Attn: Returns
Resistance Band Training Systems
W161 N11115 Meadow Dr
Germantown, WI. 53022

Please include a brief note on why the return is being made or email us at to inform us that you will be returning your purchase and why. If we can assist with items that can better accommodate you, let us know. 

Once your return is processed, you will receive a refund for the amount paid for the returned item(s) back to the original method of payment. Any outbound shipping charges paid will not be returned. Just a note: you are responsible for return shipping fees. 

If you are an international customer, your return order will be handled by GlobalshopEx.

How do I get my Resistance Band Questions answered?

Simply email us at and myself or one of our knowledgeable team members will reconnect with you ASAP. Our normal business hours are 8 am to 5 pm CST Monday thru Friday.

Have another question not listed here?

Just let us know by emailing us at .