Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

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Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

About this Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

There are so many ways to program in contrast band training. This Tabata Contrast Workout contrasts dumbbells with bands as just 1 way to create a contrast training effect.

It also contrasts speed training with slow strength training as well as frontal and rotational plane movements. To say this Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout hits it all is an understatement.

But when you contrast bands with any gravity dependent free weight tool, options are unlimited in how you can create a contrast training effect.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternating between two exercises, perform 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest/transition to the other exercises. Repeat that same 20 – 10 interval while performing the second exercise.

Repeat that sequence for 4 to 6 sets per exercise. Rest 2 minutes and repeat the same workout with the next two exercises. You will complete 4 total rounds.


Round 1

  1. Shuffle Burst Right
  2. Shuffle Burst Left

Round 2

  1. Kneeling Rotational DB Press Right
  2. Kneeling Rotational DB Press Left

Round 3

  1. Turn and Go Burst Right
  2. Turn and Go Burst Left

Round 4

  1. Partial DB Get-up Right
  2. Partial DB Get-up Left

Products Used in this Workout

Pair of Black Medium Bands

Pair of Black Medium Bands - Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

Link Strap

Link Strap - Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

The B.A.R.

the bar - Dumbbell-Band Contrast Workout

40# Dumbbell