Core Activator Workout

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Core Activator Workout

I am not a big believer in doing abs at the end of a workout

I am also not a believer in doing any ab workout that does not train the abs to be dynamic stabilizers in multiple planes. Lastly, I do not like laying down to train abs that were designed to function in standing.

Why this Core Activator Workout is Perfect

This Core Activator Workout is the perfect pre-workout ab activator because it:

  1. Activates the abs to be ready for any workout
  2. Gets the heart rate up and the nervous system excited
  3. Increases the body’s core temperature
  4. Activates hips and ab stabilizers simultaneously
  5. Gets shoulder stabilizers ready to go if pushing is in the workout plan for that day
  6. Is perfect to do before an interval cardio day
  7. Beats the heck out of doing sit ups and crunches
  8. Incorporates movements that train the abs the way they were designed to work

This is one of those follow along workouts, so grab a band and a 13” Dynamic Stabilizer and let’s get to work.

Core Activator Workout Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Interval Time: 30 Sec
Rest Between Intervals: 15 Sec
# of Total Intervals Per Round: 8
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 2
# of Recommended Rounds: 1


*Rounds can always be modified based on time available
**Speed can be modified to individual comfort level


  1. Double Loaded Mt Climbers
  2. Overhead Lateral Core Hops

Products Used in this Workout

Core Chaos

28 Day Core Campaign - Core Activator Workout

Core Activation Package

Core Activator Workout