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Because For The First Time, There Is A Training Program Specifically Designed To Give You The Functional Core Strength & 6 Pack Abs That People Admire!

Are You Fed Up With Ab Workouts That Are Nothing But A Series Of Crunches and Leg Raises That Produce No Results?

Do You Want Better Performance But Have Been Limited By A Weak Core?

Have You Dealt With Back Pain And Traditional Workouts Offer No Relief?

If so, the RBT Core Chaos Workout is for you.

Look And Feel More Athletic Than Ever Before & Finally Enjoy Washboard Abs With This One-Of-A-Kind Core Training Program!

I’ve developed a workout system specifically designed to give you a strong, lean core and do it more quickly than you ever thought possible.

After thousands of workouts and training experiments, I’ve put together a workout system utilizing an integrated core training approach that allows you to maximize the training effect and give you...

  • Enhanced Total Body Strength
  • Increased Agility
  • Improved Power
  • Better Flexibility

All while Maximizing your Core Development!

With this workout system, any motivated person can finally have a strong, powerful and lean core.

And you won’t be doubling up doing an isolation workout for abs along with your regular workout; the entire Core Chaos training approach integrates core development into every facet of the program for maximum efficiency and effect.

I've Included Everything You Need To Finally Maximize Your Core Development & Shed The Unwanted Fat . . . In Just 28 Days!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get…

1. A Done-for-You 28-Day 4-Workout Rotation with a Serious Core Emphasis

Every Workout in Core Chaos is NEW and specially designed to shred your midsection; give you a strong, powerful reactive core; and make your low back bulletproof, all while providing you a complete total-body workout experience.

Specifically, your 28-Day Core Chaos Training Program will include:

  • A pre-workout stretching program that will be “the secret” to protecting your back and releasing hips so your core can go to work
  • 3 4-Minute Core Activation Pre-Workout choices designed to get YOUR Core onboard from the start (something no one does)
  • 3 Client-Tested Core Chaos Workouts complete with progressions and regressions so that you can adapt the workouts to YOUR Body’s Core Strength and fitness level
  • 3 Core Chaos Finishers that you can add on to the end of every workout to accelerate the fat burning effect.
  • A Core Chaos Metabolic Workout designed to Finish off YOUR week and YOUR Core.

2. Core Chaos Introduction & Secrets To Real Core Activation and Success

To make sure you are Core Ready, I’ve included an introduction to core training video and another video specifically detailing how you can maximize Core Activation and Training Intensity.

This pair of videos will walk you through the simple but critical steps of Core Chaos that will allow you to finally have the lean, powerful core you want in just 28 days.

3. Core Chaos Instructional Videos

To guarantee that you know exactly how to perform every movement and exercise for maximum results, I'm including comprehensive instructional videos covering every exercise used in the Core Chaos 28 Day Workout Program.

These videos are like having a private one-on-one training session with me—at a fraction of the fee it would cost.

There are over 50 unique and powerful instructional exercise videos detailing every progression and regression in the entire Core Chaos Program.

If you’re using this program yourself, these videos will be like me being your personal coach. If you’re taking your clients through the Core Chaos Workout, this exercise library coupled with the Core Chaos program will allow you to bring something new and exciting to your clients and know that you’re coaching it with maximum precision to deliver great results.

The only “catch” is…

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My guarantee to you is simple:

If you are not absolutely thrilled with the Core Chaos Workout System at any time in the next 365 days and it doesn’t live up to everything that I’ve promised you here, all you have to do is tell me so and I’ll immediately return every penny you paid.

You Can Get A Lean, Strong, & Powerful Core, And You Can Do It In Just 28 Days Guaranteed By Starting The RBT Core Chaos Workout System Today...





Dave Schmitz

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