6 Steps to Getting Started with Resistance Band Training

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Now that you’ve purchased your Quantum Band Package, here are 6 steps you can follow to start working out with RBT

6 Steps to Getting Started with Resistance Band Training

1. Choose and master your first workout

Pick 6 exercises you can perform with your band package and master these 6 exercises. Don’t worry about how many reps or sets. Choose a band resistance that allows you to easily perform each exercise.

Here are 12 attachment free exercises to consider

2. Fill out the RBT workout template

Once you have mastered these 6 exercises, right click and save this workout template to your computer. Fill in the 6 exercises on the template, and you have your first RBT workout.

Download Workout Template

3. Perform your first workout 3 times over 6 days

It’s now time to start making your body stronger by performing your first workout 3 times over a 6 day period.

4. Create and master your second workout

Now lets create your second workout by learning 6 new exercises. Master these 6 exercises like you did the previous. I would recommend doing your first workout every 2 days. Use the off day or the next workout day as time to practice the new exercises.

Here are 10 attached band exercises to consider

5. Add your second workout to the RBT workout template

Put these 6 exercises in the same workout template to create a second workout.

6. Perform each workout twice a week

Once you have both workouts going, take 2 weeks and alternate between the 2 workouts. Perform each workout at least twice throughout a week.

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