6 Elements of RBT

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6 Elements of RBT

Resistance Band Training is an alternative strength and conditioning system that is unmatched in it’s training versatility when compared to any other traditional free weight tool.

The secondary benefits and the impact of those benefits an individual experiences when training takes RBT to an entirely new level as a fitness and performance training system.

The following are 6 RBT exclusive training elements demonstrating the versatility of RBT and it’s ability to significantly impact all aspects of fitness and performance.

Plus, the secondary benefits that come with implementing these 6 elements of RBT will go way beyond simply getting in better shape or getting stronger.

Getting Better with Bands is all about Looking, Feeling, and Moving Better

1. Attachment FREE Training

“Convenience + Consistency Compounds Exercise Results”

Attachment free training requires the use of a single low cost band that weighs less than 2 lbs while creating up to 300 lbs of resistance. This extremely portable training approach provides anybody with the best anywhere, anytime, any intensity training options to never miss a workout again.

Secondary Benefit – In a world that focuses on convenience, attachment free single band training eliminates all exercise excuses while fitting any exercise lifestyle. No excuses makes it easier to get workouts in which, in turn, means better and faster results.

Master these 12 Single Band Exercises and never worry about how you are going to get a strength workout in again.

2. Attached Vector Training

“Unmatched Joint Friendly Gravity Independent Training”

Attached vector training provides the body with the ability to train against forces that challenge the body horizontally and rotationally. Free weight “Gravity Dependent” training is unable to create these training effects by only being able to create forces that go up and down.

As a result, RBT Attached Vector Training is able to improve an individual’s ability to handle forces that impact the body from any direction including up and down.

Secondary Benefit – The body and all its muscles are multi-planar and multi-directional. By applying an RBT Attached Vector Training approach, specifically using horizontal vectors, it allows an individual to strengthen the entire muscle regardless of what direction the muscle fibers are positioned.

This will ensure better muscle definition and control. Plus, by performing most of these Attached Vector Training movements in standing, it demands the core abdominal muscles to be working at all times.

Together these two benefits of complete muscle strength and constant core activation eliminates weak links in the muscle as well as with all multi-muscle integrated movements.

Why Horizontal Training is a Must

3. Partner Attached Training

“The Ultimate in Team Fitness and Performance Training”

RBT Partner Attached Training allows individuals to work out together while being attached within the same RBT setup. With this exclusive RBT approach all aspects of Attached Vector Training can be performed without the need for a stable structure to attach bands.

Therefore, when combined with Attachment Free Training it allows any number of partnerships to train using both elements of RBT anywhere, anytime.

Secondary Benefit – Obviously the key to Partner Attached Training will be the ability for members of the group to efficiently and effectively work together. As a result, Partner Attached Training will improve team and large group chemistry while creating a highly productive and extremely positive exercise experience.

Partner Attached Band Training Upper Body Workout

4. Contrast Training

“Getting the Best from Both Worlds”

RBT Contrast Training entails combining free weight resistance with elastic resistance. Applying this exercise approach early in life allows individuals that enjoy strength training with weights a more long-term joint friendly solution to keeping their bodies strong.

Secondary Benefit – Very often as the body ages, individuals that have lifted weights for years find themselves struggling with continual joint and muscle stiffness created from their workout routine. This occurs as a result of joint wear and tear while exercising in the same patterns of movement.

As already discussed, RBT allows muscles and joints to be trained using multiple directions of resistance and movement patterns. This eliminates excessive exercise induced soreness that can ultimately eliminate exercise becoming a lifestyle habit.

Contrast Band Training Made Simple

5. Locomotion Training

“Strengthening the Ultimate Functional Movement”

The body was designed around locomotion, specifically forward walking and running. As a result, being able to apply resistance to the body while it performs various locomotion drills is the ultimate in functional strength training.

RBT Locomotion Training allows fitness enthusiasts to do exactly that. A band’s independence to gravity allows it to be directly attached to the body.

Its lightweight pliability allows the body to move freely without being inhibited or forced to compensate movement patterns. Skip, hop, crawl, walk, run, sprint, shuffle or backpedal all while working against an accommodating resistance.

Secondary Benefit – Considering the importance of locomotion in being our #1 and most fundamental form of human movement, being able to strengthen this will allow individuals to improve balance, coordination and agility while training to get stronger, burn fat or improve the locomotion function needed to stay active as the body ages.

The progression for the basic RBT Locomotion Drills starts with walking, followed by increasing speed as you move away from the band attachment, to being able to perform 3 fast steps both away and back towards the band attachment which we refer to as the full drill.

  1. Stationary Marching > Stationary Skip > Power Skip
  2. Shuffle Walk > Shuffle Acceleration > Shuffle Full Drill
  3. Backpedal Walk > Backpedal Acceleration > Backpedal Full Drill

Locomotion Training for Active Aging Adults

6. Assisted Strength Training

“Making the Impact of Gravity A Little Less”

A resistance band’s ascending resistance allows individuals to make any simple bodyweight movement performed against gravity easier by making the body lighter. It is referred to as Assisted Strength Training and provides individuals with the ability to strength train their body using simple bodyweight movements regardless of their strength.

Assisted Strength Training allows almost anyone to do push ups, pull ups, parallel squatting, lunges, walking, crawling, reaching and even jumping if needed.

Secondary Benefit – As an aging adult who has spent their entire life functioning against gravity everyday, they are going to experience joint wear and tear. Assisted RBT Strength Training allows those individuals to continue to exercise without the continual joint compression that comes with gravity.

Being able to continue to do simple movements like squatting, pushing and pulling the body up from the ground, lunging down to get something off the ground and of course walking, are all key movements needed throughout life. RBT Assisted Strength Training allows these movement to be used as exercises for a lifetime.

Assisted Band Training Workout Options

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