13” Dynamic Stabilizer Hill Workout

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13” Dynamic Stabilizer Hill Workout

About the 13” Dynamic Stabilizer Hill Workout

Training on a hill is often looked upon as an aggressive grueling workout. When you look at it from a functional standpoint it’s hard cardio-wise and strength-wise.

However, since momentum and ground impact are slow and soft, your joints actually do well. Plus, if you walk sideways down the hill, your kneecaps stay happy as well.

Take the band package I have for you below and find a hill near you to do this HITT 13” Dynamic Stabilizer Hill Workout.

Training Recommendations

Workout #1

Do 20 hill runs.

Workout #2

Work Interval Time: 60 Seconds
Rest Between Intervals: 15 Seconds
# of Total Sets Per Round: 12
# of Exercises Alternated through Per Round: 4 (3 times each)
# of Recommended Rounds: 1
(Rounds can always be modified based on time available)


  1. Ankle Jumps
  2. Shuffle Right
  3. Shuffle Left
  4. Frog Jumps

Products Used in this Workout

Here is all you need:

13 Dynamic Stabilizer Hill Workout